[NEWS] 10cm vocalist in a relationship

Internet news Web site Star Today reported on June 25 that Kwon Jung Yeol, 29, of the acoustic duo 10cm is dating Kim Yoon Joo, 28, of the two-member band Oksang Dalbit.

According to the news media, Kwon and Kim’s close friendship naturally developed into the two becoming lovers.

Some of the fans and acquaintances have already known about their relationship, as Kwon and Kim weren’t afraid to demonstrate their affection on frequent dates near Hongik University.

10cm and Oksang Dalbit held many collaborative performances and featured on a radio program together.

Kwon began his musical career in a punk band, Ghost of Sea, and his popularity grew as he released “Americano” with his fellow 10cm member Yoon Cheol-jong.

Kim made her debut in 2010 with the band’s EP, “Oktap Radio.”

Source: JoongAng Daily