[INTERVIEW] Yoon Eun Hye's Ideal Man World Cup & Interview For High Cut Magazine!

Yoon Eun Hye's Ideal Man World Cup & Interview For High Cut Magazine can be seen below.

Let’s begin. Who’s closer to you ideal type between Kang Ji Hwan and Joo Ji Hoon?

Haha, well…I guess I’m more comfortable with Ji Hoon. We were in Goong together as colleagues who have grown up (in career) together like friends. He’s honest and I still have good memories of him from back then.
Honestly, both are not really my style as an ideal man. Kang Ji Hwan has a pretty man style and is kind, but you know how women don’t like men who are kind to every woman (laugh). So if I must choose between the two, I’d give a vote to Joo Ji Hoon with a caring mind.

Okay, then the second match is between Gong Yoo and Lee Sun Gyun of Coffee Prince.

Ah, this one is tough since I thought Gong Yoo was closer to my ideal type back then but Lee Sun Gyun has become more attractive after his marriage. Um..but if I had to pick an ideal type, I think Lee Sun Gyun is closer to my ideal type.

Then what about between yesterday’s hot trend and today’s hot trend, Hyun Bin and Kim Soo Hyun?

Well, of course you’d have to go with today’s hot trend, right? haha..I don’t know Kim Soo Hyun that well, but I think he has a nice voice and he acts well. I thought his image when he acted was very attractive since his debut days.

The final match is between Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook. Which is closer to your ideal type?

Wah~ between Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook? Aren’t their styles too different? Il Woo may be disappointed if he hears this but I don’t really like younger men. Il Woo is more of a hard working cute friend to me. I think Kim Jong Kook would be closer to my ideal type.

I guess you like guys who are big and muscular?

No. It’s just that I hope the guy makes me look thin when I’m standing next to him. I think since I was a young girl, I’ve always wanted to be the feminine girl when standing next to a guy.

Hmmm, so we have decided on who will be the candidates for the second round. But we’ll just skip the round and go straight to the final. Who is the final winner of the ideal type from Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Jong Gook?

Wah~this is so tough. Either Sun Kyun oppa or Jong Gook oppa. Ji Hoon oppa makes me nervous because he is too handsome. And I shouldn’t consider Kim Soo Hyun since he is so much younger than me~ that would almost be a crime, a crime.

Oh I see..then we have two people left, who’s the final winner?

As for outer appearance, it would be close to Sun Kyun oppa. As for personality, it would be close to Jong Gook oppa. Sung Kyun oppa is a family man who works hard. It’s really great to see how is these days because he loves his kids and is very caring to his wife. Jong Gook oppa is good at taking care of himself. I thought it’d be great to be the girlfriend of someone like that.


More excerpts from the High Cut interview..

We met up with Yoon Eun Hye, who has been resting since filming a movie "My Black Minidress" last year. While her domestic activities have been few, she has been solidifying her position as a top star around Asia, due to her dramas such as "Goong", "Coffee Prince", "Take Care of the Lady", and etc. becoming continuous hits. Yoon Eun Hye is currently majoring in Film Production at the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia and Film (GSAIM) of Central University. We talked about her new life as a graduate student and about some recent photos of her that became hot issues on internet.

Yoon Eun Hye was very careful when she spoke, even if it was something that she had said before. Compared to her bright and strong voice, a part her mind seem to be heavily suppressed. It's May 23rd, 2012. It's the first impression of Yoon Eun Hye, who stands near at the end of her twenties. [Reporter Kwon Young Han]

As I was researching about your school, I noticed a heading "Director: Yoon Eun Hye, Title: "Knitting". Are you filming a movie at this time?

How did you know? That's a part of studies for the 1st year graduate program. It's a class that requires one to write scenarios, film, and produce their own projects.

You are saying that you wrote your own scenario?

Yes. But it's bit awkward talking about things like that. The reason I'm studying film production is to be able to mature as an actress and widen my knowledge from the producer's perspective. I wanted to have the time to be able to become more solid. But I think I'm careful to say these things as I may come off arrogant, if I say that I'm writing my own scenario and producing my own work.

People are probably curious since actress Yoon Eun Hye has gone to study film production at a graduate school all of sudden. How's your studies now you've begun?

There are things that are more difficult than I had expected, and there are things that are more enjoyable than I had expected. I understand that people can have negative feelings towards me studying at this time of my life. They can think, "You should just try to act well, why are you reaching out to do this?", but I think I was longing to study since I debuted so young and I haven't had much opportunities. It was very awkward in the beginning, because I'm very shy towards people I don't know well. I was very careful that people wouldn't think "She's keeping her distance because she's an entertainer". As for the fun stuff, it was very enjoyable to study the history of movies, the production methods, legal issues in film, and etc. As I had the experience of filming a short movie recently, I realized and thought "ah, the director knew everything when I was showing a certain image" and examined my shortcomings. I also felt how precious the staff members are.

You've said that you were longing to study. Even today, girl groups and idols have pre-debut, dormitory life and it seems that they miss lots of school work. How was it during your time? (Yoon Eun Hye joined Baby V.O.X in 1999 at 3rd year in high school and was a singer until 2005.)

The school was very strict. No matter what, I had to at least show up to school in the morning. I think people were looking at it negatively because there weren't as many kids who were training to be an entertainer back then. But from my perspective, rewards were limited compared to the effort I was putting in, and so I ended up transferring to another school. I finished high school after transferring and ended up graduating from a online program in college (Note: Yoon Eun Hye graduated from Kyung Hee University. The university isn't an online university, but one of the top 10 universities in Korea. It's just that she joined their online progam). There was a better university I could have gone, but due to my personal reasons and situation..
I didn't do bad in the college entrance exam so I was upset. I was thinking, "I guess even going to a better university is an obstacle for my career. So I just decided to do the best I can with my situation at the time.

Have you ever been set up on a blind date while attending school?

Never had that experience before. But when I see people on a set up or a blind date, I wonder if it's really possible to end up dating after the meeting. It's strange that they can talk to each other at a such awkward meeting. Of course, I understand it better now that I'm older but I may not be able to do it if someone asked me to.

But we have a problem. You may be at an age where you need to go on blind dates...

Ah, why are you being like this to me? (laugh) In any case, I think it'd be tough since I tend to keep distance with strangers and the atmosphere would be awkward.

Beginning with Japan in February, you've had a fan meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, and you will be in China next month. The atmosphere must have been different in every country.

It's really different. China is really harmonious and have a unified characteristic. Once you've become their person (once you become one of their own), they are very loyal and stands by your side always. These things are very important to them. They have been like that for the past 13 years with unchanging support. Taiwan has sort of an open mind, modern aura. There were lots of English speaking people at the last fan meeting as well. Japan is very friendly but careful. Even when they come closer and ask for a signature, they are very careful. So even if I'm in a situation in which I can't sign, they say "No, It's okay" and their disappointed look makes me feel very sorry inside. You know, they could have instead said, "Why can't you do such a small thing". And as I've noticed it even 10 years ago, they have clear rules on how to treat an entertainer in the awaiting room. But you can't be even 5 minutes late. There's a clear line in which they will do their very best for you, and they expect the very best from you. So I think I work harder with that responsibility. I think Thailand is innocent (pure) and happy. They seem to have happy minds within the country. So whenever I visit Thailand, I come back happier along with them.

Your perception of Korean fans, the general public could be different after meeting all those fans from other countries.

Just receiving love from fans of various countries in it itself is incredible and something to be grateful for. Of course, Korean fans are indescribable..but international fans, you know we don't even have the chance to meet that often. But they get purely excited just with the fact I will be doing a project. I think they wait and say things like "My favorite actress did this, and etc." They really have sincere hearts..

Let's talk about SBS Running Man. I've heard that there were lots of requests from Running Man asking you to appear in their show. Do you have any plans to appear on that show?

Running Man PDs are the same people who were with me during the X Man days. They are very close to me. Since Running Man is such a popular show, I'd be grateful if they'd want me in the show. But I'm not doing much these days and I'm going to school so what would I be able to show? (laugh) I think if the opportunity comes around, it'd be fun.

When can we see you with your next project? Even though nothing has been decided yet.

Of course~ I must do a project/do projects in the second half of the year. Since I have to study as well, I plan to work more when I have the opportunity (time). Even if it's a small role, I don't think the significance of a role is important if the project is good. I'm looking at many scenarios right now. I want to enjoy working. Instead of being improved Yoon Eun Hye, I want always to be improving Yoon Eun Hye.

source: CDBLOOM@YOONEUNHYE.NET , High Cut Korea