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Narsha "I was actually afraid if there will be criticism on my amateur acting.. so this feels just like a dream"

From just a cameo appearance to being part of the fixed cast, and continuing on with the extension of the drama..an interview with Narsha of

From a radiant star on stage and variety, she transformed into a Drama Queen, and never dreamt that she could do so well. She is Narsha from MBC's (Screenplay: Choi Wan-Kyu, Directors: Lee Joo-Hwan, Lee Sang-yeob)

Her latest work in , where the limelight placed on the drama is still as much as before, Narsha plays the role of a charismatic Lee Hye Bin, a Lead Singer in Ahn Jae-Wook's 'Shine Troupe'. She is the only cameo role on the drama that became a fixed cast, and will be continuing on with the extension of the drama, until the broadcast comes to an end.

Needless to say, with a powerful vocal easily acknowledged by just listening, and breaking the trend of casting only older actors in such a heavy ambience drama plot setting dominated by guys, she totally stands out. From developing a cute and romantic love line with the man among the boys, Cho Tae Su (played by Kim Rae Ha), to sharing a shocking relationship with fellow singer Ji-ae (played by Hong Jin-young) and others, the relationships with the colleagues on the drama are especially interesting and harmonious. Just four months back, without harbouring the thought of being involved as an actress, Narsha thought to herself " If I don't do this, I will regret", and happily accepted the offer.

- How was the first acting attempt? There were alot of NGs.

It has been very interesting. Frankly speaking, there were tough moments, but things get easier as I get myself more engrossed into my role. Although it might be tough now, I find it interesting. I would like to try out other stuffs, to the pitiful extent of having scenes being cut. We cannot afford NGs at the scenes. Especially when the Sunbaes are acting, I don't dare to get NGs. They should not be getting NGs because of me. Hence, instead of waiting to be picked on, I rather digest as much as I could and give it my best shot.

- Had originally dreamed of becoming an actress.

I dreamed of going into acting. But it was nothing like the situation now. I never dare to dream about being casted in a mainstream drama. I wanted to be an actress, and I love movies, hence I do pay more interest in this area. In my impression, movies has got more freedom and is more relaxed. I have the thinking that if we say TV drama creates beautiful people, then movie opens the doorway to bring out people with strong personalities. However, one day the offer of a role in the heavily invested drama just came.

- Worried at the beginning

Upon hearing the news for the first time, I was worried for the one month thereafter. As compared to being starred as a singer, I was more afraid of being assessed on my acting. How much criticism am I going to receive for my amateur acting. And feeling uncomfortable with how people around are going to look at me. This path is different from that of a singer, where comments are cool and straightforward. In such circumstance, I tell myself that I should view all these as rooms for improvement for myself. 

- No overlap between roles as singer and actor

The common point between a singer and an actor is that both are performers. When on stage, you have no choice but to give your best and put up a fierce performance. No matter how nervous you may be, you have to maintain a poker face. You have to stay calm even with three cameras on you at once. Three cameras on stage is nothing as compared to even more cameras in front of you when performing (fan cams). I'm not blaming the cameras for my nervousness.

- From a cameo appearance to being a fixed cast, and continuing on with the extension of the drama. Response was good.

I never expected such a response. Initially, there were only scenes of me singing. Even until now, I still feeling nervous when the camera starts rolling. Once there was this scene where I was supposed to be drinking water, but because I was too nervous, my hands couldn't stop shaking and I had to hold the glass with both hands before I could drink the water. That was how nervous I am.

- What has been most challenging?

Singers and actors have different cycles. The waiting time between shoots can be really long. We have to be ready at all times. Even the skin needs to be on standby mode (Laughs). Of course, the daily schedule varies between being supporting actor for the whole drama and otherwise. However, I would always want to be well prepared mentally.

- Sweet loveline with boss Tae Su (played by Kim Rae Ha) has been interesting

My character's loveline was just developed based on what's written on the script. That was actually quite interesting. In fact, if you understand Hye Bin well, the character is just like a [calculative 4D] fox (*shrewd). Even in face of guys with strong fists, there was no stopping to the boss to say whatever is on his mind, and that was so charismatic! I totally sank in, and cannot escape anymore! (Laughs) There was this bobo (*kiss) scene with Tae Su, where originally I was suppose to plant a kiss on his cheek, but we ended up with a kiss on the lips. While watching the broadcast together with my mum at home, my mum who did not know about this scene beforehand, went 'omo omo' at the TV screen while watching it!

- Playing the role of a deceitful and bad-tempered girl, and given that my variety image is somewhat similar, everyone seems to have developed misconception about me.

The truth is, my character is not like this. I have hidden my real personality. This image seems to match me well. Don't mind if I say this, but it feels good to hear that. Even kids who are really like that might not be able to portray such an image like me.(laughs) Even though I'm portraying such an image to everyone, I'm [really not] like this, I'm not a deceitful and detested person, I hope that everyone do not hate me for this.

- Never thought of trying out roles of Lady-like characters

As compared to a delicate and gentle image, I think I am just more suited for a character with strong personality. I am not a delicate lady. Even if I'm given a chance to start over again, besides pretty and more boyish roles, I don't think I am suited for other roles. Just like the character I'm playing now, it fits my image well. 

- Fellow Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In was the first to try out acting. Do you exchange advices among the members?

Ga-In had hoped to continue acting. Actually in our team, we don't really touch on (*uses term 'no-touch') what each other do (solo activities). We've built up trust after being together for such a long period of time. We have been together for eight years counting from the dorm life days. After all, seeing that we're the longest-running girl group, we've came to trust each other that much.

- Feeling the change after being casted in . Received a lot of support from the middle-aged viewers.

Nowadays when I go to the market, the adults recognised me. It has been pretty cute. Had felt the power from the aunties and uncles. These days, there is also a greater sense of responsibility. As compared to just trying to act well at the initial stage, nowadays I am feeling pressured over [having to act well]. Even Lee Se-Chang sunbae is like this during the break time. Both of us played important roles to break the tension in the drama for the viewers. As we hope the viewers will find our stories interesting, we know that we have to make our characters as detestable as possible.

- It has already been 4 months of acting.

In these 4 months, it has really been worrying and non-stop worrying. Now thinking back, what could have happened if I had rejected this drama offer? With the mindset of [this is interesting, really interesting], I had decided to give acting a shot. Although I don't know how much I was looking forward to the script, but these 4 months had felt like a dream. I've never had any practical experience of acting with actors, so where am I going to learn and pick up the skill? Acting in feels just like going out to earn money, there was no opportunity for me to attend a proper acting class. I'm unsure of where I got my confidence from, but I tell myself that I should just learn and pick up naturally from my co-actors, and the result from this self-learning process has been significant.

- The team atmosphere has been harmonious.

Ahn Jae-Wook is really cool. Our team is really cool too. Everyone has been really nice, and are awesome at drinking, and everyone would stay till the end at gatherings. (laughs) Being my first attempt at acting, I always thought that all drama series scenes are the same, but this is actually not the case. I am not making a hypocritical statement here, but this is just the type of team I think I would want to work with.

- After acting, is there any actor you hope to meet?

Won Bin. Just thinking about it makes me excited. I'm a fan. Will such a day ever come? Even if i only get to see him once, I will be dead happy.

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