[INTERVIEW] Kikwang and Dongwoon's interview in "There'll Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now"!


Q1: I know you have been a trainee for a long time. What were you thinking during that time?
A: I thought to myself this was the time I've been waiting for, the time when I could realize one of my dreams, which was to stand on the stage. Whenever I wanted to give up, I always remembered my mother and I could say that it was because of her I continued to hold on.

Q2: What was your dream when you were little?
A: I had so many dreams when I was little. I really liked and respected Bi (Rain) Sunbae, but my dream wasn't to be a singer. But one day, I saw a JYP audition. I was fascinated and from then on I became someone who wanted to keep my dream. It seems that I was lucky too as well.

Q3: I heard that when you were a teenager you adventured a lot, what do you exactly mean by this?
A: When I was a trainee I troubled the director a lot. I didn't practice often, and when we practiced together, I caused more harm to my team. I felt bad about it too, but thinking back on it, I think it was a process for me to become better learner.

Q4: If you didn't become a singer, what would you be?
A: I'm a person who will only focus on one thing once I set my mind on it. Because I had passed the audition, I had the chance to show my ability in this field, making me a singer like I am now. Seeing Rain Sunbae, I was determined that I would only become a singer. I don't even remember my dreams before that.

Q5: It seems like you feel burdened because you were the first want to make a solo debut.
A: I was intended to debut together with Beast. When I was young, I was the one who decided that I wanted to go to this music industry. But still, my heart felt heavy and burdened. My dream was to be a singer, but I didn't know about music, that's why I was worried to start it alone. Two days after debut, I realized that I could adapt to the stage eventually. However, I saw the other members dancing behind me. I felt really guilty towards them. I was sad and felt guilty but I couldn't express it.

Q6: What did you think of your solo debut?
A: Failure. Defeat. I could say that I wasn't satisfied with my stage experience. I think it isn't easy to be a successful singer in South Korea's music industry. Nevertheless, being on stage was still the most precious experience to me.

Q7: Park Jin Young really liked you, Lee Gikwang. Please explain why Director Hong Seung Seong was interested to recruit you too. Was it because of your hard work?
A: I never ever thought of myself as being very great. Until now I realize that I still have many weaknesses. But when I practice, on stage, or wherever I am, I always control my mind. I always tell myself that I can do it. Remembering that I can be the best, I gain more confidence so that I can do better on my performances. That way, I can look at myself confidently. Is that only considered as an alibi? I still lack in so many things, that's why I practice like crazy. People even think that I'm a practice bug. They even ask me to stop practicing.

Q8: During your time as a trainee, have you ever thought that you were inside an invisible tunnel (failure)?
A: Like others, I also thought about that. I was worried if I could debut or not. Even after debut, I spent days with worry asking myself if I could do my best. I tried thinking positively. I believed in the Director and myself. I think that's why I practiced earnestly, because I believed that if I can do my best, then, I think I can materialize my dream.

Q9: What do you think those star trainees should take into account in order to become closer to their dreams?
A: Anyone can say anything but we should never lose that rookie mindset. I see this in many people on television and around me who choose to be a singer. I think anyone who choose to be a singer or dancer will practice immediately hoping for good results. However, we can see that many people fail despite the practices too. But if we have the will, we will be able to materialize our dreams. I also think it is important to see the reality too so that we can practice diligently and earnestly. If anyone can do that, I believe they can see the light soon.

Q10: What is your dream now?
A: My dream is to be an artist. Now, people call me a singer, but I actually want to be a musician that is known worldwide. I hope I can be aligned together with famous artists like DBSK, BoA, and Rain.

Q11: Please imagine yourself in the next 10 years?
A: I want to be a good father at home.

Q12: Please tell the most memorable moment with Director Hong Seung Seong.
A: Building Cube Entertainment together with Director Hong Seung Seong. I gave him my hand because I believed in him. I also tried to keep that faith. I think that's what made me "Beast's" Lee Gikwang.


Q1: I heard that you decided to study and take a break from the trainee life. Why did you change again?
A : In JYP, I practiced with 2PM and 2AM hyungs, but I make it in the end. Because of that, I decided to end my trainee life. I continue to live without even imagining to come back to my past life. Then, I saw 2PM and 2AM hyungs debut and I was stimulated. In the end, Director Hong Seung Seong gave me his hand.

Q2: What was the hardest thing that made you want to stop and give up your dream?
A: I was very determined when I quitted JYP. I started being a trainee since the 1st year of high school. But three years later, when I quitted being a trainee, I didn't have any friends. During my years as a high school student, I would go to school and after school I would invite my friends to hang out together with me. But they always said they were so busy that they couldn't hang out with me. So I would go to the training center to practice. The trainees are always lonely and are in need of sympathy. Eventually with time, friends from my group moved and I was left alone. When I was back in school, I would sleep during classes. When I woke up, lunch time was over. No one wanted to have lunch with me. Honestly, I was very shocked because of that. There wasn't a single friend who greeted me on the road. My heart really hurt. It was really painful because at such a young age, I had to hold on to that kind of trainee life.

Q3: Then, after you quitted being a trainee, you committed to studying?
A: Three years later, I came back to study. By studying, the recovery was surprising and delightful. Actually, after I stopped training, I saw my test results for the first time. Out of 39 students in my class, all 38 of them passed. I knew that the only student who failed the test was me. I was shocked and since then I focused on studying. After that day, on my next test, I got 5th place out the 39 students in class. I studied by myself at that time.

Q4: What dream made you study to such extent?
A: I didn't have any dreams. For those three years, I threw away my dream to be a singer. There was nothing I wanted to do, and there was no motivation at all. Looking back, I didn't do anything beside studying. When I saw 2PM and 2AM hyungs appear on TV, I gradually started to dream again.

Q5: What about your parents's support, Son Dongwoon?
A: When I felt difficult, my parents knew all about it. That's why they respected and believed in whatever I choose and my decisions.

Q6: According to Director Hong Seung Seong, you grew and improved by studying.
A: It's actually hard to say it like that. Previously, I didn't have the basic foundation and experience. Since I didn't have any knowledge to begin with, I developed more. I am thankful that I could become a star because compared to others who had more abilities, I wasn't born with any talent.

Q7: If you knew that you didn't have the talent, then did you choose this path just because of curiosity?
A: At young age, it's a dream everyone dreams about at least once. It's people's curiosity about singers and entertainers. Director Hong said that if I work hard, I could work up to my potential.

Q8: What do you think is your weakness now?
A: I really can't dance. Other hyungs are really good at dancing. I can only follow them. In people's eyes, I have so many weaknesses. I don't have the talent to dance, so singing really makes me feel more dynamic.

Q9: Communicating with fans made you famous. Do you think you can live a normal life now?
A: It's because of the fans on Twitter. Even though I meet them only through a singer-fan relationship, I know that my fans really like me. But, like anything, some people like me and some others hate me. I consider my relationship with fans to be like a relationship a trustworthy and loving friend would have. I realized that as time passes, my communication with them is no longer just the communication between a singer and the fans, but a more personal one. I feel much more comfortable. Now my fans choose to protect me and I want to do the same. That's why I always say that. Working hard and expressing more seems to be my way of connecting with my fans.

Q10: What is the presence of a fan to Son Dongwoon?
A: I thought of a fan as someone who can see me on TV or meet me coincidentally, and relate with me casually. But now, I think the relationship is warmer because we can support and trust each other. Actually, no one has ever been this close to me. We are very busy sometimes and we have to suffer from the morning. When there's a schedule in the morning, we have to do make up at 4AM. We complained a lot to the make up staff and our managers making them feel even more exhausted. However, if you think about it, our fans are willing to wait for us all night only to see our short performance. When I see them, I feel guilty and worry about them. Everyday, when someone cheers me up when I feel tired, I want to give them energy. I think that is such a remarkable thing. Although I feel tired, I receive a lot of cheer from the fans' Twitter mentions. Also, ever since I debuted, I received gifts like photobooks with my photos. I was really moved by the presents. Because of the fans, I don't feel tired at all. Their presence is like energy to me.

Q11: What is Son Dongwoon's dream now?
A: In Korea, it seems that many people classify certain music genres calling it "idol music". They have the image that idol singers can gain popularity but not make music. However, little by little people see musicality as our color so that we can sing a song that is well received and loved. Now, we sing a lot of songs about love or separation. But later, we want to be singing songs that encourage people who aren't in good condition or are facing difficulties. Even though there is not enough time, as a singer I want my job to be meaningful. Honestly, rather than being known as Beast, we want our presence to be more meaningful to many people.

Q12: How is your relationship with Director Hong Seung Seong?
A: If Beast members and the Director meet, it's interesting. It is strange, but I feel a little awkward whenever consulting with the Director. Of course, Director always gives the best answer. However, I have seen him since my times in JYP and I think that he is a person with an eerie charisma. Some times I can't behave like a baby, but when I'm in the practice room, I often call and text him. He also comes to look for me.

Q13: How does Director Hong encourage you?
A: Since I'm still young, I don't want to trouble the Director. Director's words always encourage me. Recently, we've just finished our Asian Tour Fanmeeting. After the performance in Taiwan, Director came to the backstage and said, "Now, you guys can do well without me, right?" Even though it was brief, it meant a lot to us and gave us a lot of strength. In the beginning of the year, even though we accomplished BEAST's solo encore concert, I think we still lack a lot. We were happy because we're well received in Taiwan. Although it is important to be well received and loved, in the future I will try hard to improve my ability for those who have praised and guided me.

Q14: Are you satisfied in Cube?
A: I am satisfied. Although I have joined a bigger agency and befriended idols from other companies in the past, it is difficult to enjoy time making music and do things I want like when I'm with the Director. Unlike 4Minute members who usually call Director Father, BEAST members can't call him "Father" because we're embarrassed. Still, I feel really comfortable with Director Hong's presence.

Q15: What do you want to say to to-be-singers who wants to be a singer?
A: I want to tell them to not give up halfway. I have given up my dream and stopped being a JYP trainee. I regretted it very much. After spending three years practicing, I noticed that I can sing quite well compared to before. But, after resting for a long time, I started singing again and realized it had been two years. Now, everything goes by easily and I feel my past capabilities has returned. However, it's very difficult for me to ensure if the result is good or bad because I can't make sure if I have done my best. I remember people used to say that each song is like stair step. If we ascend the step one by one, we can feel the improvement anytime. Anyone's opinion can make us feel like we are nothing, but I believe in myself who can outshine others.

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