[INTERVIEW] June 2012 Edition of Inkigayo Magazine - Gongchan's Interview!

Ah, hello
Ah, who is this?
Eu, eung… Hi..
It’s late, what’s up?
Huh? I missed you too
Since it’s really late, you need to hurry up and sleep and not sleep too late,
alright, I’ll see you tomorrow
Sleep well, good night~
Hurry up and sleep. Okay, I’m sleeping now
Bye bye…
Jinyoungie hyung, did you finish wearing your clothes?
Oh, what’s this… It wasn’t turned off…
(Wears his hat while looking at the screen… Winking while waving his hand ㅎㅎ)
-Teaser Serif-

If there are, what are Gongchan’s new charms that you want to appeal through ‘Baby Goodnight’?
Although my cute and fresh image was more strong up until now, I’m going to show a more masculine and charismatic side to myself than before.

When the same situation from the song occurs, will you send your girlfriend to bed then go out, or will you tell her the truth and then go out?
I would tell her the truth. If something like that really happens to me, I’m going to reassure my girlfriend by telling her that I’ll return ‘at this time’. (I.M: Tied down by love?) No way, that’s not it. (Laughter)

What’s the role that Gongchan plays in the music video’s story?
CNU hyung’s friend. (CNU comes in and says, “I’m here, Chan-ah”) I’m in the middle of an interview right now. (I.M: Erm, does Channie not really like CNU? You’re quite cold?) (CNU: Channie? Channie really likes me a lot.) Yes, that’s right. I really like CNU hyung. (I.M: …)

Teaser, Big Issue! What’s happening? (Episode)
Ah… (Deep sigh) My story is that I stayed up for 5 nights and 6 days in order to film that short 2 minute film. (I.M: Then the other members filmed quickly compared to you?) Maybe it was awkward because I’ve never tried doing a video call, but when I filmed it and showed it, the only word that came back to me was ‘again’. I really think I filmed it hundreds of times. It was really tiring. (I.M: While filming for 5 nights and 6 days, is there something you felt?) Ah, I felt like I was really calling someone on the phone. I was filming with the camera by myself, but thought, ‘Am I in a call with someone else?’… It felt like someone else was on the opposite side. No, actually, you never know if there really was someone.

If you were to give a grade to the B1A4 member who you think did the best among the teaser videos, how many points would you give? (How many points out of 10 points?)
Sandeullie hyung! And 9 points out of 10 points! If you watch the video, Sandeullie hyung is a singing a lullaby, but he stops in the middle. Sandeullie hyung forgot the lyrics. However, he handled it naturally. While watching that, I felt, ‘Oh, as expected of Sandeullie hyung~ He’s the best!’.

What is something Gongchannie always does before sleeping?
I always eat snacks and read books a bit. (I.M: If you were to pick a book that left the deepest impression on you recently?) Ah, what was it? It’s in my bag. It’s a book called ‘Wisdom That Speaks’. Everyone try reading it once~

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans
source cr; b1a4’s fancafe