[INTERVIEW] Jang Hyunseung, "I won't doubt myself and stand on stage."

“I think I'm really going to be cursed at a lot.”
If you just hear those words, there is a possibility you might misunderstand. "If I don't satisfy the eyes of the audience coming to see the musical," are the completing words to the first set which is said by an idol singer with pressure, but still conveying the truth in his words.

First premiering in 2008, the musical 's audience probably had no idea that BEAST's Jang Hyunseung will be landing the role. This is because there haven't been much idols present on the star lists for musicals. However, his talent and stage presence he showed off on the 'Trouble Maker' stages clearly displays his charms. Perhaps it was because of that, but rather than showing off his worrisome mind, he had determination in his answers. The fun you can experience in between his words of humbleness and kindness! The new Mozart is for sure attracting curiosity.

Posted ImageYou have the release of the new album and opening of coming up.
I'm really busy these days. It's hard preparing for two different things, but BEAST's album will be coming out mid-July and depending on the situation it can be pushed forward. It shouldn't be later than early August at least.

Posted ImageHow is it practicing for . It shouldn't be easy since it's your first musical and acting.
I'm worried about my condition more than anything. I lost some weight, but I think I can endure it well. I'm running on the running machine everyday for my health. The role itself has a lot of lines and there are a lot of parts where I'm singing high tones so I'm overwhelmed by that.

Posted ImageHow far are you into the role? I heard that you started practice earlier than others.
I started a little bit earlier, but other people had already done a musical before so it's the same as being the last one to start. I'm trying my best to catch up to them.

Posted ImageHave you been interested in musicals?
To be honest, I haven't watched musicals that often. I watched that Junsu hyung performed in a while a go, but I thought it was a different world from me. But at the same time, I thought to myself that when the chance came, I would take it for sure. The pressure was the second thing and I wanted to challenge myself. Isn't it a great opportunity? Not everyone gets to do what they want to do so, I'm grateful. I just hope that this isn't my last stage. (laughs)

Posted ImageYou must have been overwhelmed because it was a role Kim Junsu had been in.
That is correct. Because Junsu hyungnim is an idol too. I learned that Junsu hyungnim was the first idol to star in . So there is more pressure. To be honest if I was the first one, then I would be more lenient, but there is already an amazing example. I'm lacking a lot compared to Junsu hyung, but I think I have to figure out my own color too.

Posted ImageHave you received tips as a hoobae?
Lee Kikwang is close to Junsu sunbaenim so I heard from him that Junsu hyung will be giving me tips some time. I think I ate with him once? (laughs) He said that he will be coming to see the performance. I'm really thankful and I hope that his fans don't curse at me. Haha I'm kidding. Of course I know that I'll receive criticisms if I don't do well.

Posted ImageThere are a lot of people who already love this musical.
That's right. I really think I'll be cursed at a lot. It will be not right for me to leave the people who are purely coming to watch the musical unsatisfied. If I don't do well, fans will look at me nicely, but other people will critic me for sure. I can't do well as other actors, but I have a similar personality as Mozart. I think I have to show my own color.

Posted ImageI think we might be seeing a new Mozart?
I won't do well as the actors who portrayed Mozart in the past, but I don't think it's right for me to follow in their acting. I think I'll have more of a rebellious side in me. And add in some bratty talk here and there.

Posted ImageWho do you Mozart is like?
He is a trouble maker and genius, but he is really stubborn and always goes his way. He is a genius who doesn't fall for fame or fortune and purely has good music. I don't know because I'm a not a genius, but Mozart's character has it's own charms because he doesn't listen to anyone. He is someone who will go his own way despite nagging from his father. I heard that he was a playboy, but since I'm not one, acting like one will be a nice experience too. (laughs)

Posted ImageI can see confidence in you.

Um I think I have to do well. But I predict that I'll get both responses. Either it's going to be "he went for a role that idol singers should not be doing and it was too much for him" or "it was his first time and he did well."

Posted ImageDo you pay attention to comments left online?
I try to pass over it most of the times, but there are times when it digs deep into my heart. During Trouble Maker, it was a chance for me to show off new things, but I heard a lot of cursing too. There were people who understood that it was purely for performance and others who thought it was provocative. However, my role is to stay strong until the end and disregard them.

Posted ImageDidn't you know people were going to say it was provocative?
Of course I anticipated it somewhat. To be honest it was a bit provocative, but I didn't know when I was doing it. I thought to myself, "Why is this considered erotic?" But after a while and I watched a video of it, I understood what they meant. (laughs) Hyunah's own colors were strong too, well since she's good at that.

Posted ImageThere is a kiss/peck scene in . (laughs)
I know from experience because of Trouble Maker, but that is nothing compared to it. (laughs)

Posted ImageHardest thing about a musical?
Acting in front of musical cast is really hard. I'm overwhelmed. If I was a musical actor/actress I don't think I'll look at myself well. And that is totally understandable. I got a role which is hard for idol artists to portray. I will work hard so look at me nicely.

Posted ImageIs there someone who you became close to or came to rely on?
It would have to be Euntae sunbaenim who has the same role as me and understands my point of view well. There were a lot of times Euntae sunbaenim came out to help me in the practice room. Even when he didn't have to come out. (Looking at the endorsement director) Was I too nice? (laughs) He helped me a lot. He also taught me something I didn't know before. I use a lot of strength when I sing so I was worried about my neck going bad during the performances, but he taught me techniques on how to sing so it doesn't. I never learned so much at once.

Posted ImageIs there anything that you remember from what he said?
He said that it's important to do well on performances, but it's most important that I finish the musical from start to finish. I remember him telling me not to stress over one song, but finish all the songs. I'm worried because I don't know how tired I will be after one song, but I have concert experience where I danced and sang, so that should help somewhat right?

Posted ImageIf you could rate yourself as an actor?
Um... I don't know. I would like it if people said that I match the role well, but I will be scared if they told me that I would never fit this role. But I think they casted me after seeing some potential. They are the professionals right? I'm trying to do my best without any doubts.

Posted ImageWhat would have to be charms of a musical?
It's really fun practicing. In BEAST the 6 guys had to share parts, but in a musical you have to pull a stage for 2 hours. There is a lot of pressure because of all the things you have to do, but it's fun.

Posted ImageIt must be a new type of fun.
It's fun. I didn't know musicals have awards too, but I found a video a while ago. Watching Junsu hyungnim on stage, I wanted to know how it feels to be on stage. I really hope this isn't my last project. (laughs) I wish I can get to try more projects through

Posted ImageSince debut in 2009, BEAST just kept on going without a rest.
There were a lot of days we didn't have schedules too. We practiced when we had to and rested when we got to it. Even when we do rest, we watch videos of artists overseas, dance, sing, or do something related to our self discovery. I don't like places with a lot of people so I when I do meet anyone it's in small groups. It's strange how I'm a singer because I don't like having the attention on me always. I know that you have to be bright on stage since you are getting the spotlight, but I want to be normal in my daily life.

Posted ImageDon't you want to meet your girlfriend normally too?
Um, I don't have a girlfriend right now. But, don't I have to say that I don't have one even if I do? (laughs)

Posted ImageThis year will be a meaningful year for you Hyunseung.
Even just with I think it will be a meaningful year. I want to hear that Hyunseung did well showing his color besides the fact it was his first try.

Posted ImageA word to the audience?

I'm taking a great step as a musical actor through this amazing opportunity. With fans and audiences watching, I will not make it uncomfortable to watch me. I will work my hardest to make it possible for everyone to watch comfortably, so please anticipate.

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