Name: HOYA
Show what you think is your charm’s point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):
(T/N: He drew his face)
We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. If not, it’d be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `
Which album’s concept did you think suited you the most until now and why?
Paradise! I was able to show my sexiness!
Food you like/Food you don’t like:
Short-rib stew (갈비찜/Galbi jjim) / ?
A 2012 June update for your ideal type’s standards (In details):
A fun girl!
Hoya seems to have the most noona fans… But since you’re good looking, could I call you oppa?
Hahaha, do whatever you’re comfortable with
You’re filming a sitcom this time round~ Is it okay to look forward to it a lot? Give us a small spoiler
Erm~ Busan in 1997 is the background for it!
The fan that you remember the most among your fans!? And what kind of present did a fan give you that stayed in your memory?
I remember all my fans and I want to remember them as well! Although I remember all presents, if I were to pick one, it would be CD given to me with various sides of me during all our promotions.
When you come to Busan, what is the first place you want to go to? And if there’s a place you want to go to, who do you want to go there with?
I want to go to the practice room I used to go to. And I would go with friends I used to dance with~
Among the purple items in your possession, which one do you think is the must have item, hoho~??
Purple headphones!
The best 3 R&B songs that Lee Howon loves
Eric Benet – The Last Time, Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone, Mario – Let Me Love You
You debuted as a singer, got 1st place, and received Triple Crown! What is oppa’s next goal? ㅎㅎ
Getting a Daesang (T/N: the grand award) at end-of-the-year award ceremonies? ^^
How do you feel about a girl who is really good at giving spiteful remarks? And also a girl who is good at cornering people???
Erm… I don’t like it!
Oppa! You wrote this down behind your family picture when you did Sesame Player back then! That you would be successful and return, and I cried a lot after seeing that. And you most definitely probably visited them by now, but how did you feel when you visited them?
I was happy because I felt that my family was proud of me~
Besides Hoaegi/Hobaby, what nickname would you like fans to call you by? And it can’t be something that already exists!
If you were to return prior to your debut and were able to choose a different stage name than Hoya, what name would you want to use? A different name from Hoya and your real name!
Hoho Ahjumma (T/N: a cartoon character)
The moment you remember the most since debuting?
This moment, right now~
Your thoughts on your selca skills????
I think it is amazing
An action or phrase that a woman says that makes her look the prettiest?
I’m hungry
Your variety show skills are slowly becoming explosive lately.. Are you possibly doing this in order to get a fixed spot on a variety show? Or are you slightly showing your variety show skills in order to get caught a lot on the broadcast for fans??
Although I don’t have much greed to appear on variety shows, I will work hard if you give it to me to do~~ I’m doing it simply with the thoughts that I need to let the fans enjoy it!
When will you let us hear ‘hoing hoing’!??
Any time as long as I’m given the chance!
Before going on stage, singers say that they put themselves in a hypnotic state with a spell(?), with things like ‘I’m cool’, ‘I’m the best!’, so does Hoya put himself in a hypnotic state as well? If you do, how do you do it?
Let’s show who I am!
Hoya, whose voice is even pretty! The 18th song you sing often? (T/N: ‘18th song’ is a phrase used often in Korea to explain that it’s a song you sing the most)
Ra.D’s ‘I’m in Love’
Is there a stage you remember the most from the ones you’ve done till now? The reason is? ^^
Our encore concert stage! It was the largest and the most fun!
I heard that if we get to know you, you’re actually a cutie, so what’s the reason that you hide it on broadcasts?
I’m not at the point of being a cutie! But it varies depending on my mood! ^^
If you were able to do solo promotions! Who is the member you would want to do it with?
I want to switch around and try it with all of them.
If you were able to go on a date with Inspirits, what kind of date would you want to go on?
I want to drink a cup of yogurt/yakult and have a truthful conversation!
You’re currently personally doing the rap making! All the lyrics you personally wrote are really good, but which lyrics do you like the most and agree with from what you wrote?
When I see Hoya… I see that you don’t only trust in your talents and actually show that you work hard. Sometimes I get worried because it seems like you are too harsh on yourself occasionally. What could be the driving force that made you think like this?? It’s a side of you that I would like to receive as well.
When I think of the people who believe in my dreams, I feel that I can’t help but work hard~
It seems like you would focus on dancing and singing when you go on stage, but do you happen to hear Inspirits’ cheers?
Because I gain strength from listening to the cheers, I focus on the cheers as well ^^
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s fancafe