[INTERVIEW] BEAST's Hyunseung for Elle Girl Korea!

EG: Do you remember filming for your first photoshoot after BEAST's debut? 
Ah, you came during that time too right? I was going to ask you anyways a while ago. I remember it, that day.

EG: It was the February 2010 edition. You guys were rookies back then, but now you guys are one of the top groups.
You had no idea that we were going to turn out like this right? (laughs)

EG: To be honest, I had no idea you guys will be at the top this quick. From then to now, what is the greatest change for you? Not something on the outside, but inside.
Before debut, I thought it was okay if we weren't popular. It's because I thought nothing else mattered as long as I was doing what I wanted to do and whatever that looked good. But as I went through different promotions, I realized why we need the love from many people.I learned that I could only do what I want to do with the love from the fans.

EG: Your popularity overseas is amazing. What do you think is the reason that fans love BEAST?
I really have no idea. Looking at fellow artists that debuted around the same time as we did, I think that they have more potential than us to be popular. In addition, when I look at our stage I question myself thinking, "Is this all that we could do." (laughs) We really have no idea what about BEAST catches the interest of others.

EG: Isn't the name 'Jang Hyunseung' too hard to pronounce for fans overseas? Isn't that the reason why you decided to go by 'JS' when you promoting 'Trouble Maker'?
I used the name JS when I was promoting Trouble Maker, but wherever I went I was still called 'Hyunseung'. Even on the door to the waiting room during broadcasts, it read 'Jang Hyunseung'. I was a little disappointed. Since before debut, I wanted to use a stage name. Personally I think cool artists should have a cool stage name. I think I have to talk to my management again.

EG: I think you got your sexy image through 'Trouble Maker' promotions.
Well if a man and a woman are doing a performance one on one, it can't be all pure and innocent right? (laughs) It was a lot harder than performing with the guys. You also need to learn being patient for your partner. I was touching because it was in the choreography, but that was really hard too.

EG: But you still felt good because you received a lot of love from the public right?
Of course. I did it thinking, "Should I give this a try?" But I was so surprised by the response. Even the director approved of it. He had no idea it was going to be this big too. (laughs)

EG: Will the musical 'Mozart!' you are participating in be the same? This is your first musical right?
To be honest, I didn't even know about the musical before. I thought the role was too much for an idol singer like me to digest so I didn't even think about it. But luckily, I was able to participate in such a big project as the main character so I have been putting all my efforts into it.

EG: Have you seen sunbae Kim Junsu's performance who had been praised for his role in 'Mozart!' before? 
A while ago, I got to watch 'Elizabeth' which was the musical that sunbaenim had participated in, but I only watched 'Mozart!' through a video. I also watched Park Euntae hyung's video clip as well. I have been studying from their stages.

EG: I heard that you have been putting all your energy into practicing. How is it actually practicing?
Before anything else, I think it's really physically demanding. The whole show it about 2 hours and 30 minutes, but I had never pulled a stage for that long from start to finish. In a group, all the six members share a song together. Plus, I'm on the skinnier side so I don't really do endurance workouts, but these days I have been running for an hour each day to increase my strength.

EG: In musical, acting is as important as singing. Wasn't acting for the first time difficult?
Thankfully, Mozart's character is a lot like mine so I don't think it was as hard. Of course not the "prodigy" part, but the part being a rebel. I have a very playful personality. Unlike my calm image, I don't listen to others well. I'm really stubborn and I have my specific personal preferences. What I don't like, I don't like no matter how much someone tries to persuade me. Mozart in the musical and I resemble each other in the fact that he doesn't listen to his father or sister and does whatever he wants.

EG: Do you think you are a prodigy like Mozart?
No. I was really born with nothing. But at the same time, I can't say that effort has made me into someone who is really skilled. I pulled myself to the place I'm at right now through effort and effort itself. It was really hard learning dance and singing and this musical challenge has been the same.

EG: How is it working with the musical sunbaes who you recently met?
In the beginning I was really embarrassed to sing and act in front of them. These days idols can easily move into genres like movies, dramas, and musicals. To be honest, if I wasn't a BEAST member, how else could I have gotten a role in this musical? Many musical actors/actresses must have really worked hard for their roles, but the fact that I had gained a role like that so easily made me feel embarrassed and overwhelmed.

EG: During your first performance on July 10th, who do you want to invite? 
On the first performance, I don't want to invite anyone. In addition, I don't want to invite anyone on the last performance because I'm worried that I might crack my voice because I'll be tired. I think about the 3rd or 4th performance will be the best. I want to invite my members, friends, dance teacher, and fellow sunbaes and hoobaes. But to be honest, I'm not that type to invite anyone first. If they want to come and watch, I will probably be like "Okay, come here at this time. You don't need to buy a ticket."

EG: Earlier this year all of the BEAST members and BEAST's fathers came on 'Win Win' and danced to 'Fiction'. How was it watching your father dance?
It wasn't all fun watching him. All of them must have been busy with their work, but just thinking about how hard it must have been for them to learn the choreography on top of that. I felt even worse because they were in their older years too. I heard that my expression has not been good since my father's appearance then.

EG: What kind of son is Jang Hyunseung at home? 
Quiet son. After starting my trainee days in high school, I really didn't talk much. If you look at the other members, they talk about all bunch of things with their parents, but not me. My parents know that I'm like that so they don't ask me. I can't do aegyo (can't act cute), I'm really shy, and I don't like being the instigator. I'm really a quiet guy.

EG: But how can a person like that be a singer? 
I think because I am a person like that I'm a singer. Because I change on stage.

EG: Offstage when you are hanging out with the members what's your role?
The quiet one. (laughs) I usually stay quiet. I would stay like that until the mood starts turning the other way. Then I would start talking.

EG: Then what do you do when you are alone or on break?
There isn't much to it. When I'm in the dorm I'm on the computer or practicing. I don't really like going around places to play. I go back a forth from the house, dorm, practice room, and broadcasting studios. I don't really go out unless I'm meeting a friend in between here and there. I don't like going to the club because I don't like places with a lot of people.

EG: Then it's true that you are a practice bug. Other than singer or dancing skills, what other skills do you want? 
The ability to compose. To be honest, I thought I didn't need to compose one or two years ago. Since I was a singer and dancer, I thought all I had to do was digest the songs that the composer made me. Now my thinking has changed. I want to try composing too.

EG: Looking back at yourself during debut, how does it feel? 
I was a total baby. When I think back to myself who used to think, "I'm good." I wonder why I thought like that. Back then I didn't know what looked good on stage and what I was supposed to and not supposed to do. At least now, I know what timing is about.

EG: As you move higher, you tend to get more wants. What do you want currently? 
I want to show many different sides of me. I have been working really hard for this musical as well as BEAST's comeback stage. I tried out a photoshoot on my own today and I want to try out more photoshoots like this. I usually checkout the photoshoots of different stars on magazines. I want to be in more photoshoots. Hit me up often!

EG: What does "that is BEAST like" mean? 
What does that mean? It's really hard. I personally don't like synchronized choreography. I want to show off a dance that displays the different characteristics of all the members, but at the same time tie everything together.

EG: Then what you want "that is Jang Hyunseung" like to mean?
I don't want to hear that I'm just an okay guy in a team that keeps on trying to research new things. I want to be remembered as "a very skilled singer."

translation by YONGISM at B2STRISING