[INTERVIEW] B1A4 in June 2012 Edition of Inkigayo Magazine - Introduction & Group Interview!

Deviation of B1A4 So Bad
We get a peek at the so bad deviance done by the sweet B1A4, who sings us lullabies. 
If you have never been suspicious of your boyfriend’s affectionate actions, you should probably explore the cute cheating done by these five males. You will melt away at their sweet lullaby. Since experience is something that is good when stacked up, don’t completely melt at that affection, and try being suspicious of them. Shh! Everything happens ‘while you’re sleeping’.

Ring ring rong-
I clicked the home button. With perfect timing, my cellphone changed into a video call mode and after changing once more, bbyororong~ My boyfriend’s face appeared. “Do you know what time it is, how come you’re not sleeping? Hurry up and sleepㅡ” Their voice sounds like their sincerely worrying, ah… You’re really tricking me.
The title song for their first official full-length album, ‘IGNITION’, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, has the ability to make their ‘sprout-dol’ title, which emits off an aura of rookies, look small. It has a break-up story where they coolly send each other off. ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ showed the potential of B1A4, who took a step closer to maturity, as musicians. The courage and ambition they had to fiercely put the song that their leader, Jinyoung, composed as the title song, was like shyly showing that a sprout grew and became a seedling. Although there were things they gained and lost, the strong and fierce weapon for B1A4 is that they have their own color and have set themselves apart from others. If they captured the hearts of girl fans with their debut song, ‘O.K’, where they freshly came and showed a modern way of expressing their love, and their 2nd mini album’s title song, ‘Beautiful Target’, the answer given one year since their debut by these guys, who have experienced the taste of hurt as they matured, is a ‘farewell’. If the process of meeting and having farewells kept on repeating, what would be the choice of a man who tasted both bitter feelings and sweet feelings?
#1 Room:
B1A4, who are loud in their room. They touch up their hair while looking in the mirror, and fix each other’s clothes. 
Then CNU’s phone rings and everyone stops!
CNU, who picks up the phone after making everyone be quiet.
B1A4, who puts on CNU’s outer jacket while he’s talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
CNU, who finished the phone call. They’re all prepared.
CNU, who goes outside with B1A4.
“The story is that while talking late at night with his girlfriend, the guy has simple thoughts about wanting a bit more freedom and sends his girlfriend off to sleep first. After putting her at ease by convincing her that he’ll sleep soon, he screams ‘Tonight is dancing tonight!’ with his friends and goes together with another girl. He’s cheating.”
This is the explanation of ‘Baby Goodnight’ given by B1A4’s leader, Jinyoung, when I met with them on a day in May at their music video set at Namyang-ju. Is he saying that the step after maturity is being a bad boy?

“Rather than the bad boy that everyone thinks of usually, you’ll be able to see many sides starting from his cute thoughts about being hesitant because he might get caught, then him reassuring his girlfriend like it’s nothing, and then even a devilish side to him because he’s excited that he tricked her.”
Oho. Now that a warning will come up for boyfriends being sly, girls be careful. No wait, this isn’t it… Just get tricked by them. Because there will be a twist to the end of this story that you wouldn’t have thought of.
#10 Distance:
The only view of the girlfriend is a close-up of her lips.
CNU and his girlfriend are laughing while talking.
As soon as his girlfriend hangs up, the camera gradually pulls back.
Then you see another man, laughing next to his girlfriend.

[T/N: (I.M) is Inkigayo Magazine and most of the questions were conducted with the members individually]

About ‘Baby Good Night’
Jinyoung: The song, ‘Baby Goodnight’, can be explained by saying that ‘the bad boy is the main character’. While talking on the phone with his girlfriend, he sends her off to bed first and then the guy goes out with other girls to go to a dancing party. Although you would know if you saw the end of it, there’s a twist waiting for you at the end where the girlfriend is lying and is out with another man too. (Laughter) Though the guy doesn’t know anything and thinks that he tricked her well, the truth is that he’s the one getting tricked. A world that tricks and gets tricked.
CNU: Inside the lyrics, where they send the girlfriend off to sleep and secretly go out in the middle of the night, you will be able to see the side of the cute boyfriend who is having an affair. It will probably be hard to find the model student image that we once had before, haha!
Baro: Although we showed the side of a slightly more matured male in ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, this is a song where we have now transformed into bad boys. It’s a concept of having an affair. (I.M: Have you had any experiences like this before?) I haven’t even been able to properly go on dates before, what do you mean go on an affair—- Haha. Please look forward to a very fun and cheerful stage where you can feel B1A’s colors in the song and the stage clothes. (I.M: I see… It’s definitely probably fun to have an affair.) Yes, yes… Wait what?? (Taken aback)
Sandeul: A story of a slightly bad boy who secretly cheats on his girlfriend! (I.M: That seems like a really bad guy.) Ah, is that so? Ah! Of course, since he’s secretly going out to cheat on his girlfriend, he is a really bad guy. (I.M: Did you happen to have any experiences like this before?) What? Me? Definitely not. (I.M: Then if you happen to go out with someone in the future?) I would never do that. I would only look at one person! (I.M: Please don’t make assumptions, the future is impossible to predict~) 
Gongchan: It’s a concept where we hurry and send our girlfriend to bed and then cheat on her. (I.M: Do you have to cheat on her? Can’t you go out to just play with your friends?) Although we can just go out to play with our friends, erm… (Hesitant) Hahaha! (I.M: Are you saying that if Gongchannie was in this situation, you would cheat?) No, no! I wouldn’t do that. I’m saying the concept is like that. (I.M: Have you had this kind of experience before?) No, no! Never. (I.M: Then is there a possibility?) Euhahahaha… There will never be. (I.M: Erm, everyone is sure about it. But you don’t know about a person’s life.) No, I will follow it! (Gongchan denied it four times.)

Let Me See Your Point Dance!
Jinyoung: Many people probably told you that the chorus was our main point move. Ah, they did? Even our pelvis parts? Truthfully, we don’t have many points in our choreography, but… you should look out for our expressions during the ‘Sleep well baby, I’ll see you tomorrow’. (I.M: Someone said that to us already.) There’s no way that someone said this…
CNU: Rather than a main point in our choreography, I think many people look at our overall feeling. If I was to pick one out though, we have a pelvis dance during the ‘Whoauhuhuhuhuh’ part where we turn our pelvises. We’re not blatantly appealing sexy sides to us, but there’s a slightly shy feeling to it as well. (I.M: It looked like you turned our pelvises a lot?) Ah… It’s not that we did it a lot, but I looked in the mirror and practiced a lot. 
Baro: I’ll be considerate to that members and talk about a part that you probably won’t have thought about at all. During the bridge part, there’s a part of ‘Because it’s okay to go to you tomorrow dugudugudugu ddang’ and then after taking a pause, we saying ‘Sorry-‘, but I think that part is the point of the dance. (Sandeul: Ah, you said you were going to be considerate…) Ah, well, I thought that part would come out, so I talked about it first… (Laughter) While watching the stage, you’re in the middle of having your feelings be heightened up, so the moment we say ‘Stop!’, it captures everyone’s attention. The moment we say ‘Stop!’ always changes every time~
Sandeul: The part during the climax where we say ‘Baby good Night~’ and sexily stroke our bodies… (I.M: That was sexy? It seemed very cheerful…) Ah, my feelings about are different, they’re different. (While showing the movements) Like this, I stroke my body like this! (Excited) If you look carefully, you will probably be like ‘oh oh~’?. My S-line is the point. So thus, it’s called the ‘S-line dance’!
Gongchan: The other hyungs probably talked about the ‘Sleep well, good night’ part or the pelvis dance part, so I’ll talk about when we say ‘Good night- whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa-’ at the end while turning our arms like this. (I.M: Someone already said that…) Ah, really? (Disappointed)
Music Video Point!
Jinyoung: We used western times as our background, but we paid a lot of attention to our accessories, fashion, clothes, and props. All the buildings shown in the background have their own names. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to spot out funny things. The staff members told me that I looked a lot of like ‘Woody’ from . I wore similar clothes to him. And because it’s a retro style, I like it a lot as well.
CNU: The mood and expressions that show we are enjoying our feelings when B1A4 leaves. Look carefully with the bad boy image as the key point! (I.M: What if all your fans leave?) I trust in our fans!
Sandeul: That the background is western times! (I.M: What do you think of when you think of ‘western times’?) Cowboys, steam locomotives, things like these?
Gongchan: During Baro hyung’s rap part, there’s are narration that goes like, ‘Sleep well baby, I’ll see you tomorrow’. The members show different expressions and gestures at that part. I do a yawn. Look carefully! at that part. (I.M: Is it charming?) Ah, it’s really natural. I yawned because I really was tired. (Laughter)

‘Baby Good Night’ 
Music Video Making Story
What is being tired. Although it was a tight schedule for two days, you could still see on B1A4’s faces, the freshness that was the same as a year ago and their will to ‘work hard’. Even though you could see they were struggling to keep themselves in good conditions, I would like to give them a round of applause clap clap clap for their clear artist mindsets!  

#Music Video Spot
1) ‘Stop it, don’t you feel like you filmed a lot already?’ Baro and CNU, who are opening their slowly shutting eyelids and are trying to fight their tiredness. | 2) ‘Ddiriririri-’ | 3) Shot! Is this is a face picture? | 4) Monitoring is a must! Listen carefully to the director’s words- Be greedy~| 5) ‘Channie, come here-’ Jinyoung hyung-ah’s delicate hands that are taking care of Gongchannie | 6) The polite Gongchan who is preciously holding Baro’s chin up with the cellphone. 

#Dancing Dancing Dancing in the Moonlight 
The terminators of looking good in the back, what about their fronts? …. It’s much more superior.
1) I turn off my phone, wear fancy clothes, and get ready to go out~ | 2) Good Night, sleep well, Good Night then I’ll. | 3) Dancing Dancing Dancing in the Moonlight! | 4) Whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa oh- Whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa oh- | 5) “Sleep well baby, I’ll see you tomorrow” | 6) I’ll trick you just for today~ | 7) If I sometimes don’t give a response, if I’m late, if you hate me, could you just pass it by~

#Waiting Room
Now here’s the question! Which member showed their humble feet?
1) It’s not me. (Sleepy Jinyoung) | 2) Huh? What is it? (CNU, who is in the middle of stretching) | 3) The size… is a bit different, the size… (Baro, who acts in a chic manner and just throws one word) | 4) It’s probably a member who isn’t here? | 5) Ehehehe… Don’t you think it’s Olooh [T/N: The dog’s name, but the scans were blurry at the bottom, so I’m not sure what the dog’s name was] (Gongchan, who was completely immersed in Olooh’s charms that he mixed up a dog’s foot and a human’s foot.)

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans
source cr; b1a4’s fancafe