[INFO] Pop Magazine EXO-M - Lay and Luhan!

The Pain of Growth
Lay: “For Chinese trainees, the largest difficulty would be the language. At first there was a language barrier, the cultures also had differences between them. I took almost a whole year to adapt to the life here, and training within that time, thinking back to the amount of effort that I put in and the foundations I laid, it was really worth it. It’s been a long time; I’m becoming more familiar to the environment, and getting along better with the Korean trainees. The difficulties are naturally being overcome.”

With the unique understanding and recognition of the two words “entertainment” (T/N: in Chinese it’s two characters); he will not accept unknown information so easily, his initiative, education and adaptation are all very strong; the one who seizes every opportunity is him, the one who complains is him, the one who mocks is also him and the one who sums up all the words is still him. When he isn’t singing or dancing, he’d have a slower reaction by half a beat, and his specialty is spacing out, but actually, he pays extreme attention to the observance of his surroundings. You can also see an intelligence from his body that seems “seldom foolish.” The fact that he has these thoughts and the good point of having a clear goal, gives him extra points.

Lead Dancer
Lay: “I felt very fortunate; there are many seniors in our company who dance brilliantly. With the goal of them in mind, I’ve been training hard. Also, our dance teachers are amazing, I was once very lucky to be able to follow SHINee seniors for the opportunity to perform on stage for their Japanese concert. This experience was extremely valuable and I think I can put it to use for my entire life.”

Instruments & Cooking
In a recent interview, Lay performed with a guitar and sang (T/N: It’s a Chinese hit song, which Lay performed on Yin Yue Tai’s interview), which caused the audience to be surprised; Lay is also good at playing the guitar and the piano and everyone is anticipating his composing skills. On the other hand, even though it doesn’t look like it, Lay is the member who cooks for everyone in the dorm. When someone shouts that he’s hungry, Lay will go into the kitchen and take the pot and start to cook (on another note, Lay’s favourite food is spicy fried pork). He knows how to live, he knows how to entertain, he specializes in dance, he knows how to cook, he’s very all-rounded.source

The most handsome, the young deer. His singing and dancing skills are amazing, his vitality is so passionate, his enthusiasm is high, of superior quality yet without any excitement. Handsome Lu, his aura is forceful.

The pain of growing up
“When I was a trainee, I had times where I hit a dead end. The problem of how to improve my singing and dancing skills disturbed me for a long period of time. Now that I think about that time, it was really bitter, it was gloomy.”

C-Luo (T/N: It’s the Chinese short form for Cristiano Ronaldo.)
“Cute/Childlike” is a good phrase, but Lu Han is after all, a boy, so instead of “cute”, he would want others to describe him as “handsome”. Unfortunately though, “cute” is the most apt word to describe his movements and expressions. However you definitely can’t ignore the presence that he has on stage, with the military dance; “fresh”, “innocent” and “magnificent” are combined as one, and the charm is just endless. As an honest and active sun boy (T/N: It’s a phrase in Chinese, directly translated as “sun boy, but it actually means that he’s very bright and cheerful.), Luhan is obsessed with soccer. He can play both forward and wing, his ball skills are good and he especially likes Cristiano Ronaldo, because of Cristiano Ronaldo’s all-rounded skills. Luhan wishes to succeed in any role like Cristiano Ronaldo, in terms of soccer, and become an all-rounded player.

Shining Tears
On the day of the shoot, Luhan caught a cold and he was coughing throughout but he didn’t say anything about being tired and he wouldn’t stop to rest. He’s so young yet so professional, his thumb was a single point that we could all remember. He was so helpless that in the end, he coughed until his entire face turned red and his eyes were watery. It was Da Zui’s cameraman, Ying Guan-gege, who said with an expression that he couldn’t bear with it anymore. “Hurry, wipe the kid’s tears, he’s coughing until everything is leaking out.” Little Lu was really embarrassed, and kept saying, “Teacher, I’m so sorry for interrupting the shoot,” he was lovely and sensible.

When the music for the break stopped, Luhan walked over to Big Mouth, with gentle steps, requesting that they play . After that, Big Mouth found out casually that the reason why he wanted to play was because he wanted to practice dancing and singing during the free time he had. Practising any time and anywhere with no further encouragement, it can be said that this is an idol’s natural instinct and it’s a hard-to-get diligent habit.

Lu Han reveals: In the fansigning in Korea, there were many fans who appeared. I felt very happy, but there was a fan who came on stage and when she opened the album for me to sign it, a fake cockroach appeared in it – it gave me a big shock. This type of event seems to be the trend these days, the fans are overjoyed. Even though it gave me a huge shock, it was really fun.

trans cr; xuan and hyerin @exom-trans