[INFO] 2PM to participate in the Dragon Boat Race in HK!

Idol group 2pm is participating in 2012 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race!
This event commences at 2012 July 2nd, and the standard race length is 500m 

For those who haven't got a clue what Dragon Boat Racing is, here's a brief intro:
  • Dragon Boat Racing is an annual event which celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節), whereby teams compete against each other to pass the finishing line first.
  • Each team is consisted of 20-22 members/paddlers.
  • The drummer, who is often seen at the 'head' of the Dragon Boat plays an important role. They drum out a rhythmic beat which is used to guide the paddlers and help synchronize their strokes - example: fast, sharp beats means quicker pace.
  • This traditional event attracts many viewers and even tourists every year ^^
Here is a file with the race format and teams participating in this year's race: http://www.mediafire...1851vh12jr413za

The info is kind of confusing, so here is a the information regarding 2PM's race:

> Race format for "International Open Championships" (the one 2PM & Dream Team is entered for)
  • There are a total of 17 teams participating in the International Open Championships. 8 teams are divided into Heat 1 and the rest are divided into Heat 2.
  • Each Heat will have a separate race at the start.
  • The first four teams to pass the finishing line in each Heat will then go into the A Final. The rest will enter the B Final.
  • 2PM will be in Heat 2. They are positioned at Lane 1 and their first race begins at 2:17pm.
>The "International Cup"
  • The teams that will be entering this race will be selected from the Finals of all Open and International Open categories.
  • The four fastest teams in all Open finals and the four fastest teams in the International Open final will enter this race.
  • The fastest team to win this race will be the Champion of the International Cup.
  • This is a one race event.
The race lane for the finals and International Cup will be decided for each team on that day. But the PDF file shows the ranking order and their race lanes already.

I hope this wasn't overly confusing for anybody. But let's wish 2PM and Dream Team good luck for the race, and they manage to enter for the International Cup this year!