[VIDEO] Teaser for drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ revealed

MBC released teaser clip for its new weekend drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”!

“Time Slip Dr. Jin” features Song Seung Hun, who has returned after his last drama MBC “My princess”, Kim Bum Soo, Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong. The participation of the veteran actor Kim Bum Soo is enough to become a hot topic but the meeting between Park Min Young, who used to work with JYJ Park Yoochun, and another member of the group JYJ Kim Jaejoong has also attracted a lot of attention.

“Time Slip Dr. Jin” is a fantasy medical drama that is based on a Japanese manga of Murakami Motoka about a best Korean doctor who struggles after time-travelling to the Joseon era in 1860’s. The first episode is schedule to air through MBC on May 26th.