[VIDEO] Channel V Taiwan’s JK Interview with Etude Girl Dara!

This is where the Dara-speaking-in-Chinese video was from.  It’s Dara’s first time being interviewed by Taiwanese media. VJ Ken looked so eager in interviewing Dara. They talked about the CF, working with SHINee, Dara’s dating experience and more. 

Check out the interview with the translation below.

VJ: This is the first time to have an interview with 2ne1′s member.Let’s welcome DARA^ ^AnneyongHaSaeYo~Let’s invite her to say hello to our audience in front of the TV~
Dara:(CHINESE)Hello~I’m Dara!AnneyongHaSaeYo~PangGaSiMiDa(Hello~Nice to meet you)
VJ:Nice to meet you too~That’s really exiciting!Actually,we played 2NE1′s songs many times in our programme,It’s always my wish to have an interview with 2ne1. Is this the first time to accpet the interview from Taiwanese Media?
Dara:Yes,It’s my first time to do such an interview with Taiwanese Media^ ^Thank for inviting and coming, Feel really great to meet you~
VJ:Do you know there are lots of Blackjacks in Taiwan?
Dara:Actually I don’t know clearly..Cuz I haven’t been there..Really have no idea..Many?
VJ:SO..Hope there’s a chance to visit Taiwan soon.!We watched CFs during internet this time, WOW!Dara is super cute in the CF drama.We can understand the feeling of this CF drama,will you be shy when you see the script? Any embarrassed feeling cuz you will have a corporation with SHINEE?We know that there’re some kiss scene..^ ^
Dara:First,I’m really shy,cuz it’s my first time to meet SHINEE actually.and I didn’t have too much experience of love.So it’s embarrassed thing for me to have a kiss scene.Furthermore,There’re 4 time kissing!Really embarrassed!But anyway it’s a nice experience for me.
Background:Let’s have a look the scenes what made Dara embarrassed~the close skinships with SHINEE~…..(KISS NOTE CUT)
WOW SHY SHY SHY!After watching this,have everybody the same feeling with me that really blush and shy?!

VJ:These CF dramas are really popular on the internet,Can you share your feeling with us when you know the popularity of this CF?
Dara:Before anything I’m really happy and glad to know this info. I really wanna buy this product to have a try after watching the CF,it’s a fantastic advertisement^ ^In additional,the CFs are very romantic and dreamlike,very cute and sweet~I think that’s the reason why so many people love them.
VJ:I think it’s very difficult to flim this CF,so, any NG of you guys?
Dara:Nothing,just embarrassed..some feeling like dare not to close to each other..But anyway we finished filming with a serious attitude^^.
VJ:so any expection about love in the real life?
Dara:Comparing with dating, I want to focus on my work more..
VJ:yes,cuz you’re really outstanding in your work area. We can see the background of upcoming CF just now,it’s an athletic field,it’s related to sports. so Do you like any sport in you daily life?
Dara:Yep I usually have sports as my habit,I’m speedy but too weak in the physical strength and power.It’s a long time since last time I’ve been to such a big athletic field.I’m in a such good mood.
VJ:Any favourite sport?
Dara:I like bicycle riding.
VJ:When we see this CF and any CF before,we really have thoughts that Dara really has natural beauty.So any prefered style and making-up skill in your daily life?
Dara:Just similar to CF’s role,but really different with which side I’m showing to others when I standing on the stage.I usually do a light makeup.like only some BB cream,it should be indistinct,looks like no make-up but actually some light make-up.so put some BB cream,to make yourself looks much cute,put a little bit pink blusher.In addtional,to have a peart looking,pink lipstick is necessary,and lip gloss.Then when boys saw you they will have such reation”wow you’re beautiful even without make up”.
VJ:So in private,dara was very similar to today’s outfit,like pink feeling~
Dara:Yes that’s right.
VJ:We can call her PINK DARA then….Actually during the TV programmes before,BIGBANG had mentioned that there’re many guys love dara.So in personal,what’s your ideal type for real?
Dara:I usually talking about this. I like the guy who’s Cute,Tough and younger than me…Eh~Let’s stop here*^_^*
VJ:It’s too young to have so many imaginations of love and dating. Of course we hope that Dara and 2ne1 will have a chance to come to Taiwan.Cuz there’re really huge amount of fans that are waiting for you!
VJ:There’s a famous food in Taiwan, called Pinapple cake.Really delicious.
Dara:Thank you
VJ:So we will send this to Dara as a present. So anything you want to talk to your fans in Taiwan?
Dara:Hello my fans in Taiwan,this’s the first time I’m greeting to you,really want to meet you. Hope you can invite us soon and we will keep our hard working this year,please pay more attention and looking forward to our works.Wish to see you as soon as possible.
VJ:It’s really glad to meet dara,so let’s all wish next time we will meet up in Taiwan. Thank you~
Dara:Thank you~~~

Source: jinpri0821@Youtube
Translated by: Pinky@SandaraBaiduBar