[PICTURES] Kahi, Jung Ah, JuYeon & Nana with Haruna Ai-san at Tokyo Girls Collection

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Good evening, this is the After School Staff.

Today, Kahi, JungAh, Juyeon, and Nana participated as models in Girls Award!!

Thank you to those who came♪
The members said everyone’s cheers made them happy also.

At the venue, the members found their favorite food!!
Everyone was eating a lot (lol)

And they took a picture with Haruna Ai-san, whom they met there.

JungAh, who’s in charge of the blog today, will upload the details on FC Play Girlz Japan, so look forward to that♪



Found TBG girls at Girls Award! The interview we conducted with them plus the After School members and Angelica (Michibata) will be aired on the 6/10 episode of TBG!!

Trans: @pledisAStrans Pics: fyafterschool