[PICTURE] Uee and Raina cheers for Lee Jang Woo and his drama ‘I Do, I Do’

After School’s Uee and Raina showed their support for actor Lee Jang Woo and his upcoming drama, ‘I Do, I Do’!

On May 29th, Raina tweeted, “In the ‘Music Bank’ waiting room with our pretty unnie Uee and our Lee Jang Woo oppa, who’s gotten cooler these days. Tomorrow is ‘I Do I Do’s first episode so I’m looking forward to it! Hope it becomes a big hit, fighting!”

Raina also attached a photo with fellow member Uee and Lee Jang Woo, who are both the current MCs of KBS’ ‘Music Bank’. The three stars flashed victory signs while smiling brightly to the camera.

‘I Do, I Do’ tells the tortuous love story of workaholic Hwang Ji Ahn (Kim Sun Ah) and jobless Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) who loves to show off but romantic. The drama will premiere on May 30th, 2012.