[PICTURE] Kim Sun Ah shows luxurious image for ‘I Do I Do’

Actress Kim Sun Ah made a sidewalk in Seoul feel like a luxurious runway.

On May 29th, stills of Kim Sun Ah taken during a shoot in the new MBC drama “I Do, I Do” were released.

In the picture, Kim Sun Ah is wearing sunglasses with a loose white knitted top and a cool looking cobalt-colored pair of pants.

Taking on the role of shoe designer Hwang Ji An, Kim Sun Ah is drinking coffee with her friend from high school Bong Joon Hee (Kim Hye Eun). She has the ‘uptown’ atmosphere about her and looks like she’s from New York.

Kim Sun Ah said about her character, “Hwang Ji An may seem like a woman with a fancy career like Carrie from ‘Sex and the City’ but actually she’s not. She is a woman who works to survive in the Korean society as a successful career woman.”

Meanwhile, “I Do, I Do” challenges the typical mind of Korean people about having to meet prince charming to figure out the messed up life of a woman in her mid-30s.

Hwang Ji An, a workaholic and Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) who is jobless fall in love in this drama. To be aired on the 30th.

Source: hancinema