[PICTURE] Girl’s Day’s Minah thanks fans for her birthday presents

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently celebrated her birthday and uploaded a proof shot of the presents she received from fans.

On May 14th, the singer posted on her personal Twitter, “Today was such a joyous birthday! The good food~ and the great presents were all great, but I was most happy to know that I had people who loved me. Thank you, and I love you, all of those who wished me a happy birthday.”

She later tweeted, “Thank you so much for the wreath~!! Its presence makes the company office look full!! Hahaha”, and attached the photo below.

In the first photo, Minah wears a big smile while proudly showing off the numerous gifts from her fans. In another cut shows a big wreath with a message saying, “Congrats! DC Inside Girl’s Day Gallery Minah Birthday.”

Credit: girlsdaydaily