[PICTURE] DJ Tukutz congratulates Mithra Jin for being discharged from the army

Hip hop group Epik High’s DJ Tukutz revealed a photo of his fellow member Mithra Jin in commemoration for being discharged from the military.

On May 14th, DJ Tukutz posted the above photo with the message, “Congratulations on your discharge from military service.”

In the photo, Mithra Jin is casually dressed while giving a smile at tha camera. Though he lost a lot of weight, he still looks fine and healthy. Next to Mithra are Epik High’s Tablo and TBNY’s Yankie, who seem to be celebrating the discharge for Mithra Jin.

Mithra Jin completed his 21-month mandatory military duties at the Seoul Yongsan-gu Ministry of National Defense, Defense Agency for Public Information Services division. During his service, Mithra Jin participated in numerous events as an entertainer and a performer to boost the morale of soldiers.