[NEWS] Won Bin has no interest in dating?

On the May 2nd episode of MBC TV program ‘Radio Star’, actor Kim Hee Won spoke about the time he questioned co-actor Won Bin about his relationships.

Kim Hee Won spoke about Won Bin, whom he starred in “A Man From Nowhere” with, “He is very quiet. Even when we film, he sits in the corner all alone. He takes his work very seriously.”

“He asked me for some coffee one day and brought two canned coffees. He had a lot of passion for acting. We started off at about 1 or 2 in the morning and that’s all he spoke about until 10 in the morning.”

When the MC’s asked if that was all they really talked about, he said, “We really only spoke about acting. When we got closer I asked him if he dated, and he said that he didn’t.”

“I asked if he had been intimate with anyone lately and he said no so I gave up.”

Source: Nate