[NEWS] Why were the Shinhwa members so mad at Shin Hyesung?

On the upcoming episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, “Remake Channel – Family Game Centre Pt 2″, Shin Hyesung lost his fellow members’ trust in him when he failed to correctly answer an easy question.

In the classic ‘Between Rooms’ game segment from Family Game Centre, the members each stood in a room and had to use physical actions to act out given proverbs. Shin Hyesung, who was standing in the last room, subsequently gave a wrong answer to an easy question.

Shin Hyesung received icy cold stares from the other members before being driven to the first room where he had to act out the given proverb, but his poor explanation invoked a group protest from the members.

When Shin Hyesung sheepishly asked the members, “Which room should I go to?”, he was embarrassed when Eric replied, “The waiting room.”

Shinhwa maknae Andy and female guest Kim Na Young also demonstrated their outstanding skills in the ‘Between Rooms’ segment. This episode will be telecast on 19 May, at 10.55pm KST on jTBC.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa