[NEWS] VIXX's interactions with IU and Girls Generation garnering hot response!

Rookie idol group VIXX was recently photographed with singer IU.

VIXX's leader N recently said on his Twitter, "IU senpai not only has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful face but a beautiful personality as well. Real V."

In the photo, IU and VIXX's members make the V-sign with their hands while smiling brightly.

In another photo, member RAVI posted a photo while holding his copy of Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun's CD, which has attracted attention of many fans. The signed album had a message from the girls saying "VIXX kouhais! Congratulations on your debut!" showing their support.

Fans said, "IU and VIXX together is good!" and "I wish VIXX can become one of the 'nations singers' too!" as well as "VIXX has rescued our country from its previous existence," and various other responses.

VIXX's new single, "SUPER HERO" is currently gaining a lot of popularity.

Source - Nate
Translation - qummydino