[NEWS] Viki to leave Dal Shabet to promote solo

Viki, leader of the six member girl group Dal Shabet, will be leaving the group to pursue her solo career.

On May 24th, Happy Face Entertainment announced, “Leader Viki, who began as a member of Dal Shabet on January 4th, 2011, will be withdrawing from the group for a solo career.” Viki also released a letter hand-written herself on the group’s official fan cafe.

“Hello, I’m Viki from Dalshabet. It’s been a while since I last give my regards, but today, I’m afraid I need to break a sad news.”

She continued, “There were so many happy moments experienced with our fans while promoting as the leader of Dal Shabet, but I will be concluding my activities as a member of the group with our Yeosu schedule as my final participation. I’ll come back soon, so please look forward to Viki’s solo activities.”

“My pretty Shabet girls will be coming back. I hope you show them even more support. Please continue to give Dal Shabet your unchanging love and anticipate Viki’s solo transformation.”

Dal Shabet will introduce a new member and remain six-member group after Viki’s departure, and is set to release its 7th studio album on June 7.

Source: Star News