[NEWS] Tickets for Jang Jae In’s concert sell out in 30 seconds

Singer Jang Jae In, who rose to fame through Mnet’s ‘Superstar K2’, reaffirmed her selling power as her solo concert tickets sold out in just 30 seconds!

Jang Jae In, who recently departed her agency Kiwi Music, became an independent artist and will make a comeback with her own concert on May 5 in a club in Seoul. After the tickets made available for purchase on April 27th, all tickets were sold out in a mere 30 seconds.

The singer posted on her Twitter, “I will be holding a concert after 2 years. Come and join the concert. I’m reflecting back to the days before my very first step. The songs that I used to sing 2 years ago with some new songs.”

“I’m nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve had a concert but it’s a good kind of nervousness. I’m practicing every day and it’s such a joy at the thought of meeting my fans. I will sing and perform with sincerity”, she added.

After her contract with Kiwi Music ended on March 30th, Jang Jae In decided to return to Howon University and dedicates herself to music for the time being. While focusing on her music studies, she plans to perform on small stages from time to time.