[NEWS] Three major broadcasting companies are going head to head once again

The year started off with SBS “Take Care of Us, Captain”, MBC “The Sun and the Moon” and KBS “Wild Romance” followed by KBS “The Equator Man”, MBC “The King 2 Hearts” and SBS “The Rooftop Prince”.

Today (May 30th) three more dramas start at the same time.

KBS presents “Bridal Mask”, an original based on Heo Young Man’s work about to be made into a blockbuster.

The cast and staff includes Joo Won who is also called ‘the percentage boy’, writer Yoo Hyun Mi and director Yoon Seong Sik. In the scenes that have previously been previewed show action scenes almost as good as or better than “The Slave Hunters”.

MBC presents “I Do, I Do” with Kim Sun Ah who is another guaranteed key to success.

“I Do, I Do” is about a workaholic shoe designer named Hwang Ji An who falls in love with a jobless man Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) who dreams of a whole new life.

Kim Sun Ah has transformed from foot to bottom for this drama and she has a 11 years age difference from Lee Jang Woo.

SBS also presents a strong number called “Ghost” with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee.

“Ghost” is a cyber investigations drama about the effects of the internet and SNS written by Kim Eun Hee who also wrote “Sign”.

viewers are curious to see this newly dealt with subject of a cyber investigations. So Ji Sub commented, “I was attracted to this drama from the script”. So Ji Sub takes on the role of a cyber investigations detective.

Source: hancinema