[NEWS] TaeTiSeo reveals secret to their slim bodies!

During the recent recording of SBS E! ‘TV Cultwo Show – Talking About With Stars’, Girls’ Generation – TTS revealed the secret of keeping their bodies slim.
On this episode of ‘TV Cultwo Show’, Taeyeon said, “I cook and eat ramyun late at night”. Upon hearing this, the DJ asked, “How on earth did you manage to maintain your body figures?”. In reply to the question, the girls replied, “After eating, we don’t sleep”.
Also, about the ’900kCal diet’ topic which was once a hot issue, the girls reacted by saying, “How is it possible to consume only 900kCal?”
Make sure to catch the girls on SBS E! ‘TV Cultwo Show’ which will be aired on May 21st at 11am KST as they reveal the secrets of maintaining their beautiful figures.
Credit: boom.seoul.co.kr + fanwonder.com