[NEWS] Sooyoung to host SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ with Yoon DoHyun!

Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun were selected as the new MCs for SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’.

On May 30th, a production staff of SBS said, “It’s time for ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ to have new MCs in order to move forward. Yoon DoHyun’s ability to connect with the younger generations and Sooyoung’s lively charm would give ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ a whole new appeal.”

Starting from June 6th, Yoon DoHyun and Sooyoung will be the new MCs of the program, replacing Seo KyungSuk and Yoo InNa who will be carrying out their final MC-ing duties for May 30th broadcast. Seo KyungSuk has been one of the MCs on SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ for 7 years and 1 month.

Credit: asiatoday.co.kr + fanwonder.com