[NEWS] Simon D regrets rejecting IU’s offer

Supreme Team’s Simon D revealed that he had once turn down IU’s offer and named it as his biggest regret of his 20’s.

During the recent filming of Mnet ‘vol. TEN’, Simon D revealed that he had turned down IU’s offer for a collaboration. Right after releasing her hit track “Nagging”, the singer asked Simon D to feature in another song. However, due to his busy schedule, Simon D turned down the offer.

Simon D explained, “I had to turn down the offer because I was so busy. Now I feel so bad that I can’t even talk to her.”

To this, Im Jin Mo nagged him saying, “Rejecting a request from IU is worse than disobeying an order from your parents.” Jung In added, “Simon D, you’re quite amazing to have rejected IU.”

Simon also made everyone laugh by stating “I also think it is my biggest mistake in my 20s.”

Source: Nate