[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Jun Jin doesn’t like Song Joong Ki?

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin recently revealed that he considers himself to be an anti-fan of actor Song Joong Ki, raising curiosity among viewers.

The legendary group, Shinhwa, was featured on the April 30th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Hello.” On this episode, Jun Jin stated “I totally understand”, in regards to the story of Kim Jae Shik, who detested Shinhwa because his girlfriend is an avid fan of Minwoo.

He explained, “I used to date a celebrity, but she suddenly became a fan of another celebrity.” Unable to hide his frustation, he bursted saying, “I’m a celebrity too!”

When asked who the celebrity was, Jun Jin answered that it was actor Song Joong Ki. He added, “I’ve never met Song Joong Ki, buy I personally don’t like him very much”, causing much laughter to everyone.

Source: Nate