[NEWS] A Pink’s Hayoung gives Jung Hyun Don new nickname

A Pink’s Hayoung has come up with a rather embarrassing nickname for comedian Jung Hyung Don.

On the May 23rd broadcast of MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol’, A Pink, who recently made a comeback with their single “HUSH”, spent their time verifying their online profile information.

During the segment, Hayoung revealed that she likes creating nicknames for those around her. She revealed, “I nicknamed Son Na Eun ‘Go To Girl’ because of her love for sweet potatoes (goguma) and tomatoes.”

After hearing this, MC Jung Hyung Don asked Hayoung to give him a nickname. After staring him, Hayoung nicknamed the MC “BaKkwak Boy” (Tight pants), embarrassing Jung Hyung Don.

Source: Naver