[NEWS] Orange Caramel gets hot response before official Japanese debut

Before Orange Caramel’s official debut in Japan they treated fans with performances that left them in anticipation.

During After School’s exclusive and sold out tour “PlayGirlz” in Japan, Orange Caramel surprised fans by performing their hit Korean song “Magic Girl“. They received a hot reaction from the crowd with loud applause and cheers. The sub-unit also performed the Japanese version of their hit song “Shanghai Romance” to the delight of many. Fans also showed their enthusiasm by singing along during the performances.

Ever since After School debuted in Japan there have been inquiries about whether Orange Caramel would debut. Realizing how popular Orange Caramel is, officials from Pledis have seized this great opportunity. Pledis recently revealed that Orange Caramel will formally debut in Japan in August after formal talks (deal) with their Japanese agency have been finalized.

There are big plans for Orange Caramel as a group which is evidenced by a Pledis official stating, “…Orange caramel’s music is beyond K-pop we are planning A pop (Asian pop), China Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere…” expressing their plans to make Orange Caramel a global group.

Source: Paran + OBS + Paran
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze