[NEWS] Open World Entertainment CEO charged with rape

The CEO of Open World Entertainment, who was recently arrested for sexually assaulting his female trainees, has finally been charged with rape and sexual harrassment.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office revealed on May 8th that CEO Mr. Jang was charged for rape and violation of child protection laws. According to prosecution, the CEO had sexually assaulted several female trainees under his agency from 2010 to 2012.

The accusation against the CEO for forcing male celebrities to participate in the sexual assault, however, weren’t charged.

A representative from the prosecutor’s office explained that since there are no threats or violence involved with female trainees, the case involving the CEO and male celebrities fall under power of business and for rape. And since the cases under such category must be reported within one year of occurence, we do not have the right to indict the CEO.

Source: Naver