[NEWS] The Most Anticipated May Comeback? JYJ Kim Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ VS IU’s ‘Peach’

With Girls’ Generation’s Taetiseo unit and Ivy hitting the month of May off, a flood of comebacks are expected to hit with acts from singers such as Baek Ji Young, Oolala Session, IU, Lee Ssang, Infinite, 2NE1, A Pink and JYJ’s Junsu.

The month of May will be heating up with the competition, but which singer are netizens most excited about?

Music site Monkey3 held a survey from the 26th of April till the 2nd of May with the question ‘Which singer are you most excited for in May?’. JYJ’s Kim Junsu came out on top, beating singers such as Baek Ji Young, Lee Ssang, IU, Infinite and Oolala Session.

JYJ’s Junsu clinched an easy victory by receiving 40% of the 356 votes. Expectations are running high for the singer as he has released a teaser poster and the name of his album ‘Xia TARANTALLEGRA’, ahead of his first full-length solo album release. The title was chosen by Kim Junsu as a magical spell that makes the cursed person dance.

‘The Nation’s younger sister’ IU came in second place with 14% of the votes. Her new single ‘Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old’ will be released on the 11th with a total of three tracks while her composition ‘Peach’ was released earlier on the 4th. IU’s new title track will be a sweet love song and netizens are impatiently waiting to see her new look.

Infinite, hip-hop duo Lee Ssang, m.net ‘Superstar K3′ winners Oolala Session, and Baek Ji Young came in at third (13%), fourth (12%), fifth (12%) and sixth (9%) place respectively.

Netizens were seen leaving various comments such as, “I like IU’s Peach”, “IU composed Peach and JYJ’s Kim Junsu composed Tarantallegra”, “I’m really excited”, “So this is what IU’s peach drawing was hinting at”, and “I can’t wait for all of these comebacks.”

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