[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy wants to shave off her head?

In KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2’ aired on May 19, the G6 members invited their friends and family to celebrate the first harvest of the lettuce they’ve been personally growing with a grilled pork party.

In the episode, Suzy invited her dad. During the speed quiz, they showed a perfect team work. Her father asked, “The name of the dance team I did in middle school?” to which Suzy answered “Big Size”. Suzy was also able to correctly guess his middle school nickname as well as his favorite food, pasta.

The difficulty came at the end of the speed quiz. The answer was shaving off her head, but her father had no idea. She described the “shaved head” as, Something that I want to do before I die”, “Something you do in the hair salon”, but he still he couldn't get it.

MC Kim Shin Young asked, “Why do you want to shave off your head ?” Suzy replied, “No certain reason. I just hope to,” showing her eccentric side. After hearing her reply, Boom commented, “I think if you shaved your heard you’d be a very good looking fellow.”

Source: OSEN