[NEWS] Lee Kikwang, Twitter faced hacker’s attack, “Hopes this won’t happen again”!

Idol Group BEAST, Lee Kikwang’s personal twitter faced hacker’s attack.On the 17th, Lee Kikwang posted through his twitter early morning, “Although I don’t know who it was, but people other than me using the same ID as mine, I don’t want this to happen again. Please” 

Previously, Lee Kikwang left a mention to a certain fan, but it wasn’t Lee Kikwang’s doing, instead it was the hacker himself who did so. Having heard that Lee Kikwang was hacked, fans couldn’t control their frustration.

Fans who heard of this hacking news responded, “It’s not good to be too obsessive over your idols”, “We will support Lee Kikwang”, “Don’t let this type of hacking news occur again”, “Fan who did wrong, please reflect.”

credits : TV Daily, chi trans by Beast中文网_Circus, eng trans by @MRSDOOB2UTY