[NEWS] Lee Juck’s fantasy stories become available in iPad

Singer-songwriter Lee Juck’s collection of short stories has become available as an e-book for iPad users. He first uploaded them on his website then had the stories published in book form in 2005. They concern a city in which people’s fingerprints start to disappear and strange things happen.

Lee, who debuted in 1995 as a member of now-disbanded duo Panic, has won over fans with his philosophical and socially conscious messages and lyrics that resemble lines culled from fairy tales. He remains active in the K-pop scenes and his solo albums have been warmly received.

The new electronic version of the book helps draw readers into the story by transcending the limitations of words and illustrations courtesy of new technology.

As iPad users progress through the book, they find the action punctuated with dreary music and other sounds, while the illustrations move, make sounds or completely change as soon as they are touched. Meanwhile, if the reader touches an empty space on the screen, their fingerprint will appear in blood -- adding a chilling new dimension to the act of reading.

Source: ChosunIlbo