[NEWS] Koyote’s Kim Jong Min to release 2nd solo single “Pit-a-Pat”

Koyote’s Kim Jong Min has announced that he will be making his solo comeback with second digital single “Pit-a-Pat”. The new single marks over a year since the release of his first solo single, “Oppa Find Strength” in the first quarter of 2011.

“Pit-a-Pat” is the work of composer ‘My Hyung and My Dongsaeng‘, whom he previously worked with for Koyote’s “Good Good Time” mini-album. The song features an acoustic sound as the highlight to bring out the feelings of first loves.

In particular, the interesting and comical narration of Kim Jong Min and fellow singer Gilme has been raising attention. While it arouses much laughter, with Kim Jong Min’s vocals along with Gilme’s cute beat-fueled rap, just makes it much more fitting and perfect.

“Pit-a-Pat” will be released on May 11th.

Source: Nate