[NEWS] Kim Kang Woo reveals wife and son

Actor Kim Kang Woo revealed a picture of his wife and son.

He posted on his Twitter on the 28th, “Someone asked me what my ‘Taste of Money’ is. That person expected a grand answer from me but I said, ‘Taste of money for me is when I feed my wife and son delicious things with the money I worked hard to earn’”.

He continued, “That’s right. There’s nothing more for me. My ‘Taste of Money’ is always sweet like that”.

In the picture he revealed was his wife feeding a fruit to his son.

Netizen's say, “She is a beauty", “She looks like Han Hye Jin”, “Your son is so cute”, “It’s so great that you cherish your family like that” and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Kang Woo’s wife, Han Moo Young is the sister of actress Han Hye Jin.

Source: hancinema