[NEWS] Kim Junsu Wept During Recording of His Ballad Song ‘I Don’t Like Love’!

The ballad ‘I hate love’ in Kim Junsu’s solo album was the first song to be released.
On May 11, the co-title song of Kim Junsu’s solo album ‘XIA-TARANTALLEGRA’ was released. With a sweet and affectionate voice, Kim Junsu has conveyed the sorrowful heart of a man who has no choice but to break up because of love.
Kim Junsu’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said “In the middle of recording for this song, so many emotions crowded in on Kim Junsu that he started shedding tears and put the recording session on hold for a while. If the artist puts his emotions in the song he sings, he will probably be able to convey the genuine earnest in the lyrics and melody to the listeners.”
Plus, “Aside from the dance song ‘Tarantallegra’ whose teaser was revealed, and the ballad ‘I hate love’, this 12-song album ‘XIA’ is filled with various genres such as R&B, electronic shuffle, medium tempo etc. Every single song is good enough to be the tittle song of this album.”
After the song ‘I hate love’ of Kim Junsu was revealed, many reponses flooded in music sites and online community bulletin boards “As expected from Xiah Junsu”, “My heart aches when I listen to this song”, “My anticipation for the album is now getting higher”.
C-JeS said “Ever since last week, we are overcrowded with orders from offline selling sites. So far, we have received over 100,000 offline orders from domestic fans only. We are confident in the quality of this album so we are expecting the pre-ordered quantity to increase even more rapidly later on.”
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu’s first solo album will be on sale both online and offline on May 15 and the music video will be revealed though C-JeS’s official youtube channel on May 14. After the album is on sale, during two days – May 19 and 20, his solo concert will start at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, then he will continue with an Asia tour stopping by 7 cities

Credit: Nate
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3