[NEWS] Kim Jisoo says she’s not a boy toy

Actress Kim Jisoo, who is currently starring in the JTBC drama “Love Again,” broached a controversial topic during an interview on the set of her new drama on Tuesday.

Kim told local media that despite the 16-year age gap between the actress and her younger boyfriend, Roy Kim, he is the “most courageous man” she has ever dated.

“If you asked me what I found appealing in a man, I’d say someone who isn’t a coward. Of all the men I’ve dated, Roy is the gutsiest man,” the 41-year-old actress said.

Kim Jisoo said that because of the age gap, people assume that she is the boss in the relationship.

“People assume that I boss him around, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, he guides me and initiates everything in our relationship.”

Back in March, Kim Jisoo stirred the media by announcing on Facebook that she was in a relationship with a Korean-Canadian who graduated from the University of British Columbia.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily