[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong’s charismatic eyes!

Kim Jae-joong‘s picture has everyone talking about it.

In the picture corner of the MBC TV drama “Doctor Jin” homepage, a picture was posted with the title, “Don’t lose a single one!” It was a picture of Kim Jae-joong dressed up as Kim Kyeong-tak in the drama with eyes that look like they’re about to penetrate the heart of whoever is looking.

In the picture, Kim Jae-joong is on a horse with an aura that mesmerizes anyone who sees him. Fully clothed in the character uniform, Kim Jae-joong looks different from the head of department role in “Protect the Boss“.

Those who have seen this say, “Kim Jae-joong is going to penetrate my heart”, “How could his eyes be so charismatic?”, “How can he be so talented in singing and acting?” and more.

Credit: TV Report + Hancinema