[NEWS] KBS Joys’s audition program with T-ara’s Hyomin & S.E.S Bada to open this month

Despite seeing a slight hiccup along the way over visa issues for international contestants, the brand new audition program brought to you by KBS Joy will finally be hitting the airwaves on May 17th.

The 2012 Global Super Idol competition is a project that invites contestants from Korea, China and Thailand, all hoping to be the next global idol superstars.

The judges have been revealed and they are none other S.E.S’s Bada (age 32), Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon (age 38), and Solid’s Kim Jo Han (age 39).

The emcees will be KBS announcer Han Seok Joon (age 37) and T-ara’s Hyomin (age 23), albeit Hyomin joins as the emcee after the pre-recorded segment of the show and when the live segment starts.

The winner of the 2012 Global Super Idol competition will win 300 million won. This is a big drop from the originally announced 1 billion won, due to a cut in sponsorships.

The show will be broadcast through five different channels: KBS Joy, KBS Drama, KBS Prime, KBS Kids, and KBS World.

Source: KBS World