[NEWS] KARA’s Jiyoung doesn’t want to talk about her weight

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, who is known affectionally as ‘giant baby’, doesn’t like discussing her weight like most of the girls.

On May 5th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth2’, the members gathered to play a game testing how quickly they could individually eat crackers which were hung onto a pole. As a punishment, the losing member would have to stand on a scale and show their true weight.

Before the game began, MC Boom mentioned, “I looked up the weight of G6 on a portal site but only Kang Jiyoung’s weight was not listed.” To this, Kang Jiyoung answered, “I was 46kg when I weighted the least.”

Kim Shinyoung then asked Kang Jiyoung, “Then how much do you weigh now?”, to which Kang Jiyoung made a straight face saying, “Why would you ask something like that?” and everyone bursted into laughter.

Unfortunately, she lost the game and had to dance on the scale for her punishment. Once again Boom joked, “It looks like your weight won’t fall in the 90-110lbs range.” Jiyoung tried very hard to get out of the punishment and ran away after unplugging the chord from the scale.

Eventually, Jiyoung gave in and jumped onto the scale with all of her strength, causing the scale to show a weight of over 175lbs.

Source: Nate