[NEWS] Jung Hyung Don performs the Sherlock dance for SHINee, earning him the title of "Don Sherlock"!

On the May 2nd broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, SHINee appeared as guests. During the recording of the show, Jung Hyung Don performed the “Sherlock” dance for the members.

Jung Hyung Don mentioned, “I heard that this was the most expensive choreography in the history of SM Entertainment,” SHINee responded, “The choreographer is a lot better than most others.

Key added to the discussion in saying, “‘Sherlock’ is a song about a detective, and the choreography tells such a story as well,” thus revealing the multiple layers behind the dance. They also revealed the main point of the dance, which they’ve been wanting to share with their fans. After learning the secrets behind the “Sherlock” dance, Jung Hyung Don decided to impress SHINee with his own dancing prowess.

Jun Hyun Moo was previously recognized for his rendition of the dance, popularly deemed “Moo Sherlock“, and now Jung Hyung Don has received his own title of “Don Sherlock“.

During the show, the SHINee members also spoke and joked about their drinking habits. This episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ featuring SHINee aired on May 2nd.

Source: Sports Chosun + SFI