[NEWS] Jiyeon and Qri rumored for KBS1TV drama "King's Dream"!

T-ara's members, Qri and Jiyeon are rumored to be cast on KBS1TV drama "King's Dream".

Check out the information about the drama below.

King's Dream
Drama: total of 80 episodes, for ages 15 and up
Station: KBS1 (Saturday, Sunday), 9:40 PM
CastCho Sujong, Cho Chulho, Lina (CSJH), Cho Jaesung, Park Solmi, Geonil (Supernova), Qri (T-ara), Jiyeon (T-ara)
Plot: A story about the hopeless dreams of a hero during historical times

It will take King Gwanggaeto the Great's place and begin broadcast and filming in August. Only confirmed so far are Cho Sujong and Cho Chulho.

Credit: nathaniel + candy_floss @ Diadem