[NEWS] Jessica reveals sexy charms in ‘Elle’

Jessica’s sexy charms were revealed through her recent pictorial shots for ‘Elle’.

While taking a break and preparing for Girls’ Generation’s next Japanese release, Jessica recently had a photo shoot and interview with ‘Elle’. During the interview, Jessica, whose look often gives the impression that she is a cold and scary person, mentioned that people close to her gave her nicknames that suggest the opposite, such as ‘Heodang (one who is easily confused)’ and ‘Jinguk (an honest person)’, revealing a totally different kind of beauty and charms in her.

On the statement “Up till today, you haven’t even been to a blind date”, Jessica confessed, “I want to try going on an ordinary date where we get to eat ddeokboggi (spicy rice cake) on a street and go to an amusement park together.”

On the question whether there is the ‘Jessica that no else knows’ that she would be sad if people would not know, Jessica said that in order for it to be a secret, no one else should know about it other than herself, drawing waves of laughter on the shooting set.

Source: newsen.com
Translation: fanwonder