[NEWS] Jang Hyunseung, casted in his first ever musical 'Mozart!'

BEAST's Jang Hyunseung will be challenging the musical industry.

According to a source from the musical 'Mozart!', Jang Hyunseung has been casted for his first musical and will be playing the role of the main character, Mozart, in the upcoming musical. 

In addition, Jang Hyunseung will be the second member in BEAST who will be in a musical. Last year, member Yang Yoseob had played the role of Jiyong in the musical 'Gwanghamoon Sonata'.

The Austria musical 'Mozart!' that had first premiered in Korea in 2010 had portrayed the life of the genius musician Mozart with a modern twist. Mozart's look with reggae hair and ripped jeans had been a big attention grabber in the past. It had received many positive comments by showing different genre of music such as rock, jazz, and more. 

This was JYJ's Kim Junsu's first attempt at a musical and this musical had even created the popular musical stars such as Park Euntae. Other than that, Lim Taekyung, Park Gunhyung, Jeon Dongsul had all played the role of Mozart in the past as well.

Meanwhile, the musical 'Mozart!' will be playing starting July 10th at the Sejong Media Theather and Park Euntae, Shin Youngsook, Min Youngki, Yoon Hyungreul, Bada, will be joining the cast as well.