[NEWS] Jang Dong Gun has a crush on Kim Ha Neul?

New SBS weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” showed the “Secret” meeting of Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul at a convenient store.

To be aired for the first time on the 26th this month, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” is made up of Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk and more. Jang Dong Gun takes on the role of architect Kim Do Jin and Kim Ha Neul takes on the role of lively but stern high school moral teacher Seo Ee Soo.

On the first episode of the drama, Kim Ha Neul is talking to herself while staring out the window of a convenient store and Jang Dong Gun is staring at her. Kim Ha Neul doesn't register that someone is looking at her with focus.

Their ‘secretive’ convenient store meeting happens when Jang Dong Gun who has a crush on Kim Ha Neul, follows her to the store. The confident and spiteful Jang Dong Gun falls in love with a woman he never though of and suffers from it. Jang Dong Gun portrays a sweet but rough character in contrast to the charismatic roles he’s played until now.

This secretive scene was taken in Seoul on the 8th of last month. This was the first scene they shot together. They read their scripts together right before the shoot and blended into their roles the moment the director called out “Action!”.

As much as it was their first scene, the actor and actress sat down together with the director and clarified each other’s roles. Despite the long hours of shoot, no one showed signs of complaint and did their best.

The production states, “Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul’s ‘A Gentleman's Dignity’ will create a different tyoe of romance. Jang Dong Gun’s bad temperedness and Kim Ha Neul’s uniqueness as Kim Do Jin and Seo Ee Soo will bring a change to their usual characters.”

Meanwhile, “A Gentleman's Dignity” is a bitter sweet romantic comedy about 4 guys and their 4 different types of romances. Written by Kim Eun Sook and produced by Sin Woo Cheol, the team will unravel a man's mental state of mind in a glitz.

Source: hancinema