[NEWS] IU & K.Will surprise Patti Kim on ‘Healing Camp’

IU and K.Will made a surprise appearance on SBS Healing Camp, which was broadcast on May 7th, featuring senior singer, Patty Kim.

IU sang a cover of Patty Kim’s “I Can’t Live Without You”, while K.Will sang “The Man who Left Autumn Behind” and Patty Kim gave them the thumbs up, full of praise for them and saying, “You sing really well.”

Meanwhile, IU and K.Will also prepared a gift full of chocolates and sweets for Patty Kim, who strictly prohibits herself from eating sweets, to which the latter replied, “I won’t be able to eat these until after I hold my retirement concert next year”, but gave a broad smile in reponse to the presents.

On this broadcast, IU told Patty Kim, “If I drink a lot of coke, my voice gets hoarse the following day”, to which the senior singer replied, “Carbon dioxide is harmful to a singer’s throat” and warned them against eating spicy or salty food and drinking carbonated drinks.

Also, IU expressed, “Looking at Patty Kim, I thought about what I would be like in future. Sometime in the future, when I get to Patty Kim’s age, what kind of things will I be able to share with my juniors? I’ve got to have more passion, and pour more of that passion into my every performance.”

Furthermore, “When I look at Patty Kim, I reflect on my own somewhat negligent actions on stage”, said IU, thinking back on her own actions after the encounter with Patty Kim which moved her deeply.

Source: MyDaily
Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu