[NEWS] "I Love Lee Taeri" pictorial shots revealed, Kim Kibum's suited temptation!

The new drama "I Love Lee Taeri", of which member of Korean idol group Super Junior, Kim Kibum was casted in the leading role, will officially go on air on 28th May on the Korean cable channel tvN. The drama crew revealed Kim Kibum's pictorial shot today (17th May), and Kibum, who appeared in a perfect style of a suited man, caught everyone's attention.

Kibum flawlessly combined the disposition of a 14-year-old teen and a 25-year-old perfect man. Although he has an innocent appearance, but the moment he stepped into the black suit, his disposition changed drastically. In addition to his trademark 'killer smile', no one could resist his unique charms. In the drama, Kibum plays the role of a junior high student Geum Eundong, who transforms from a 14-year-old teen into the 25-year-old matured man Huang Minsu overnight, and becomes the secretary of the rich heiress Lee Taeri (played by Park Yejin), thereby getting involved in a dream-like romance with his superior.

Regarding this, Kibum expressed that "This is my first time taking on a lead role, and I feel that I have a great responsibility on my shoulders. I'll work hard to show everyone my abilities and charms as an actor."

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET