[NEWS] Hyomin to be Gangkiz's style director for their debut stage!

Amateur girl group Gangkiz will be styled by T-ara's Hyomin for their debut stages.

Before their debut, Gangkiz was helped by Hyomin for their music video. Hyomin will also help as their stylist director for their first broadcast by coming up with the concept and buying the clothing for the members, which she hopes will be eye-catching.

Hyomin became a stylist for Gangkiz's "HONEY HONEY" which is a dance style song, so she needed to find clothes to fit that concept. She looked for the past two days around Seoul to find the perfect stage outfits.

Hyomin is known for her airport fashion and being a fashion icon among idols, and her fashion choices often become popular online.

Hyomin said, "Starting with May 18th's 'Music Bank' and then 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo', please expect a lot from Gangkiz's 'HONEY HONEY'. Please pay lots of attention, since I'm participating as their fashion stylist."

Gangkiz's mini-album was released yesterday, and their drama music video was released the day before. Both have been receiving hot reactions.

Translated by: Natyhaniel @ Diadem